‘Sweet Munchies’  Jung Il-Woo, Kang Ji-Young & Lee Hak-joo wear bright colored tracksuits on the beach!

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‘Sweet Munchies’  Jung Il-Woo – Kang Ji-Young – Lee Hak-joo wear bright colored tracksuits in the beach!

Article by JTBC.  Original in Korean  HERE.

June 8, 2020

Even a sweat suit makes the street a runway. ‘Night and late’ Jung Il-woo, Kang Ji-young, and Lee Hak-ju were caught traversing the beach with the’red old lady’ traffic light fashion.

JTBC’s Wolhwa Drama’Night and Night’ (Director Song Ji-won, drama Park Seung-hye, produced Hello Content, SMC, 12 episodes) Chef Jin-sung Park (Jung Il-woo) and designer Kang Tae-wan (Lee Hak-joo), who announced that they should drop off the program’Night and Night’ in the last broadcast. The main director, Cha Ju-hee (Kim Soo-jin) said, “Without Park Jin-seong, there is no’night and night man and woman’,” but the main directors, Nam Kyu-jang (Dae-hyuk Yang) and PD Kim A-jin (Kang Ji-young), persuaded Jinseong, but could not turn his mind. I couldn’t keep lying on TV. In addition, Ajin and’Night and Night’ faced the worst of the crisis as they oppose protests against the program. In this situation, since Jin Seong, Ajin, and Tae Wan were caught on the beach in striking fashion, their curiosity must be raised.

The three people, wearing red, yellow and blue colored sweatshirts and wearing sunglasses, show off gorgeous walking as if the streets were runways. Jinseong flaps his hem nicely, Ajin’s chin rises to the sky, and Taewan walks with his hands in his pockets. In particular, these three-person line-ups, who have now exerted even serious unity as if they have become a real’nighttime team’, cause a pleasant laugh. In the notice video released after the last broadcast (https://tv.naver.com/v/14093369), with the suggestion of Yooseong (Kong Min-jung), the author of “There is a place to go at this time”, A’night snack team’ who shakes off and jumps into the sea. The production team raises their curiosity and curiosity, saying, “A variety of things happen to the’nighttime team’ who left the beach. It will be an important turning point for everyone.”

As the authors say, unusual air currents are detected between Jin, Jin and Awan. Jinseong gazes at Ajin sitting on a sandy beach, and Taewan looks sadly at the back of Jinjin and Ajin. There are breathtaking tensions between the three people who slept side by side in a tent. It is expected that their triangular romance will become full-fledged by advising Tae-wan, “I’ll make a confession first,” to Tae-wan, asking “Would you like to meet someone you love?” Already raising the heart rate where the three men and women of Cupid’s arrow will go.

On the other hand, on today’s (8th) broadcast, the fate of the program’Night and Night’ also stands at a crossroads. Taewan obviously convinced Jinsung that “I don’t want the chef to be’night and night'”, but Jinsung, who accompanied Taewan, said, “Isn’t it late yet?” ‘Night and late’ is a long way to go until regular formation. What will Jin-seong and Tae-wan make?

The 5th’Night and Night’ broadcast, today (8th) Monday, 9:30 JTBC broadcast.

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Shall we delight in more photos of this episode?

Jung Il woo in Sweet Munchies Episode 5. JTBC Stills. 1Jung Il woo in Sweet Munchies Episode 5. JTBC Stills. 2Jung Il woo in Sweet Munchies Episode 5. JTBC Stills. 3Jung Il woo in Sweet Munchies Episode 5. JTBC Stills. 4Jung Il woo in Sweet Munchies Episode 5. JTBC Stills. 7photo1194295photo1197023photo1197029photo1197030photo1197033

You can tell they had a blast!  I’m so glad for them… to film in such Covid 19 conditions must be so stressful!