Sweet Munchies (야식남녀)

2020 5 25 Jung Il woo in Sweet Munchies Episode 1 Stills by JTBC. 9

Hello!  In order to find all Sweet Munchies related things, I decided to create this page and reflect in the main menu, so you can easily navigate to the kind of content you want  to see from this drama.  Some sections I will update regularly like stills, and episodes.

Where to watch this drama:

  1. Well much to my surprise, you can watch a lot of the drama in Korean right at the JTBC website.  They break it up in pieces but if you do one after the other, you can see most of the episode in Korean.
  2. If English is what you want, there are three options that I know of. This first one, came via a good friend from Instagram.  It’s at dramacool.  Do a search in Google for “Dramacool Sweet Munchies” This website is so fast, when the show airs, it is in English a few hours later!
  3. Another one is Kiss Asian. It was there 3 hours after the Korean airtime!  But in Korean.  It comes out in English the next day.  To find it, do a search in Google for Kiss Asian Sweet Munchies. You have to become a pop up gladiator!
  4. The third option is Viki Rakuten for which you have to pay a subscription, according to them it will be in there in English two days after.
  5. En Español:  Visita el siguiente website:  https://www8.doramasmp4.com/sweet-munchies/   Gracias a Alejandra Cruz en Facebook!

About the Characters:

Characters of Jung Il woo’s “Sweet Munchies” drama and First preview!


Jung Il woo in Posters for his upcoming drama “Sweet Munchies” (야식남녀)


Jung Il woo in Stills of “Sweet Munchies”

Episodes:  Includes all the videos and stills of each episode by JTBC in YouTube and screen captures.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12


Behind the Scenes: Includes videos and photos!

Jung Il woo in Behind the Scenes of Sweet Munchies.


May 7   Jung Il woo brings you “Sweet Munchies” filled with passion and charm!

April 15, 27, 28   Jung Il woo’s New Drama “Sweet Munchies” will air on May 25th, 2020!

February 27  Jung Il woo’s is a chef for his new drama for 2020: “Sweet Munchies” (여식남냐)

Production Presentation:

Production Presentation: Includes the translation of what Jung Il woo was asked and answered in English and videos.  En Castellano. 


Sweet Munchies Trailers