KRIBBIT Translations!

2019 4 2 Jung Il-woo in Haechi Episode 16 (31-32) Website and Behind the Scenes Photos. Cr. SBS 1

Update!  August 20, 2019:  You can buy a PDF download of the magazine IN ENGLISH!!! for 10$  HERE!  It’s the last item! …wait until you see all the Ilwoo goodies available for sale there!

Hello!  Are you excited to have your first KRIBBIT?  Me too!  It’s so beautiful… Just like him!!!

I wanted to know what it said, so I decided to translate it and post my translations as I get them done and benefit the rest of English speaking community of Jung Il-woo fans. I will post them here by page.  If you click on the page number it will open up to a new page with the translation.  And please if posting any of it, remember to credit!

Page 3:  Editor’s Note.

Page 8:  Capturing Spring’s Story.

Page 10:  Sweet Cherry Blossomholic.

Page 12:  Spring Toes Have Come!

Page 13:  Let’s Walk Together ‘The Flower Path,” the Beautiful Way of Life.

Page 18: Gallery Yeh

Page 20: Cover Story.

Page 30:  Na Mun-hee…My Star

Page 36:  Cherry Blossoms with History

Page 38: The Solar Cow

Page 40: It’s Spring! Let’s admire the herbs!

Page 66: Kribbit Invites you

Houston… Signing out!  August 20, 2019!