KRIBBIT Issue 1, Page 3: Editor’s Note Translation

In the magazine it looks like this. (Blurry image on purpose, to respect Magazine’s sales.)

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Translation By Fan 13.

Editor’s Note

Starting with the theme of ‘Bloom’, this first issue of Kribbit is filled with the excitement of greeting Spring. 

The name Kribbit was inspired by a frog singing about life with the joy of greeting the spring. As the name of a lifestyle multiplatform, the name is made up of K for ‘Korea’, and a frog cry, ‘RIBBIT’. As the cry of frogs sound different according to their kind and distance, I wish to tell you the colorful stories full of sensibility from diverse cultures and people of the world.

The words that I heard the most while preparing for the creation of Kribbit were “It is going to be interesting / fun.” Doing a series of photo shoots and video, having meetings, publishing test magazines and opening up online channels was a new and unique experience. I feel joyful that this magazine is finally out to make your daily life special with different perspectives and stories.

In this first issue, I was so nervous and delighted to be with Ms. Na Moon-hee. We made a special memory again after 13 years, not as her grandson, but as editor Jung Il-woo. In my filmography, High Kick and working with Na Moon-hee is something I could never forget. I take the chance once again to express my gratitude to Ms. Na Moon-hee for always being so kind and warm to me. In addition, to the interview with Ms. Na Nam-hee, we will talk about food, places, trendy styles and beauty, etc.

Through a variety of new media channels, KRIBBIT seeks to share diverse views on culture, travel, food, places, people, beauty related to our lives. I would like KRIBBIT to become an unlimited place to connect Korea and the world, people and people. I hope that to all of you, it will be a kind guide to help you become a subject and start doing things you wanted without fear. In addition, we hope to be able to spread the creativity in a variety of projects that can contribute to society. By starting this editorial title of KRIBBIT, I Jung Il-woo will try to bring you closer to happiness.

I would like to ask you for your interest, love and support so that the new beginning KRIBBIT will resonate like a frog, crying out loud and clear to the whole world.


Chief Editor_ Jung il woo