KRIBBIT Issue 1, Page 12: Spring Toes Have Come!

Spring Toes Have Come!

While my hands were reaching for high heels to walk all day long in the warm Spring breeze, the comfort and style of sneakers made my worries disappear.

Editor _ Lim yoo seung                                                                                                      Photographer _Kim na eun

English Translation: Fan 13


The attraction of sneakers is comfort and activity. It also makes the style cheerful and light, but when you match them with the look of a skirt or dress, it is a bit of a hiccup. But A.S.98 sneakers are attractive enough to get rid of such mishap.You can wear any looks with these sneakers, because their shiny patchwork tis not overdone, and it has a high outsole that can match high heels making it smart for any look. This sporty footwear has been popular for years.