KRIBBIT Issue 1, Page 10: Sweet Cherry Blossomholic

Perhaps the first thing that makes us feel the spark of Spring is the scent of flowers. The scent that seems to walk on the dazzling roadside where the cherry blossoms dripping is the feeling of cherry blossoms.

EDITOR_ Lim yoo seung                                                                               PHOTOGRAPHER_Kim na eun

English Translation: Fan 13

SWEET CHERRY BLOSSOM May be the magic of the pink cherry blossoms, which are dreamy, probably because they play cherry blossom-like fashion. If you are waiting for the cherry blossoms to bloom, you might want to meet the edition of the cherry perfume in 2019. The raindrops on the cherry trees are colored with the colors reflected in the sunlight. The fragrance contains the flower fragrance and the fruit fragrance that is deeper than the traditional cherry blossom fragrance.