Jungilwoo International Fan Club

January 9, 2019

Hello!  I, fan 13 have decided to withdraw my participation as an administrator from the club.  Now that Jung Il-woo is active it has been very challenging for me to keep up with the writing of this website. Add to that the fact that more supports will be needed for the club and it’s just something I don’t have time to do, not mentally and much less physically.  I will continue to support this club by updating this page as Emily and Wendy send information.  I wish them the very best!

Please do not question this club in its passion and ability to get things accomplished …they are really like the little engine that could!  They are led by two amazing and passionate Jung Il-woo fans!

December 9, 2018

Greetings from our Fan Club’s page!  We, IG emilykwcheung (Emily), IG jungilwoo_world (Wendy) and I, IG jungilwoodelights (Fan13) welcome you!!!  It’s been sometime since I’ve updated but this does not mean we haven’t been active.  Quite the opposite! We have been so busy preparing for Jung Il-woo’s return to the spotlight.

Our club is made of few but very devoted Jung Il-woo fans. We come from different parts of the world. We communicate in English.  We welcome everyone but we prefer active members. Even though we are small, we do a lot!  We not only worked during Jung Il-woo’s absence posting in all social media about him, but we were also present on the day of his discharge.

For the day of his discharge we prepared a photo book with messages of encouragement and since we know how much he loves to cook we added recipes from our countries for him to try. We designed a banner, that surprisingly became the backdrop where our Jung Il-woo Oppa would give his return speech.

Our goal is to support Jung Il-woo in all his endeavors!  There many ways you can do this even if you are far from South Korea. To join us PM any of us in Instagram! We are currently thinking of our next support effort.  For now, delight!  in this video of our latest effort.  It shows our unity and love for Jung Il-woo:


April 29, 2018

In an effort to unite Jungilwoo fans that do not belong to other clubs, IG members emilykwcheung, jungilwoo_world and I (to a much lesser extent!) started a group called Jungilwoo International Fanbase. (Now Fan Club)  We came together after the Il-woo Oppa’s IG jilwww Instagram attacks in March of 2018 as a way to support him. None of us belonged to any club and we really wanted to do something for him.

If you do not belong to any Jung II-woo Fan Club, or even if you do… you are welcome to join us at Jungilwoo International Fan Club.  All you have to do is open a Line Account and add @emily0909ilwoo. We will add you to the international chat from there.  We communicate in English.

This is what the Line App looks like:



Our Present Effort:  (Closed)

We want to support our beloved Oppa on his discharge from his military/civic duties later this year.  He has worked so hard…


To do this we are planning to create a banner and a photo book gift.  We are planning to travel to Korea and present him with our gifts and support on his discharge day.  We are also looking forward to meeting each other and will hold a get together after!

Currently we are accepting photo suggestions for the banner (must have a really high resolution) and a letter size message from each fan of our Fanbase.  Here are the specifications in English, Chinese and Spanish.













Thank you for your support for Jung II-woo!