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Jung Il woo’s Tteokpapao

Ingredients (based on 5 to 6 servings)


Tteokpapao ingredients:

Pork ribs 300g (prepared horizontally), Gijitteok (Sulteok) one plate (Kijitteok), 1 raw onion, Airfryer

Ribs seasoning ingredients: (based on measuring cup 180ml)

½ pear, ½ apple, 1 onion, 90ml brewed soy sauce, 50ml Chinese soy sauce, ½ cup sugar,

2 garlic cloves, 1 spoon of pepper, 2 spoons of ginger wine, 1 spoon of salt, 1T of sake, cotton cloth

Chengyang mayonnaise sauce ingredients:

100 g of mayonnaise, 1/2 T of lemon juice, 2 minced chilli peppers, 1 minced jalapeno, squeezed pouch

Onion caramelizing material ingredients:

4 onions, 70g sugar, 80g butter, balls, frying pan


Tteokpapao Preparation:

Stirring spare ribs

1. Before simmering the ribs in seasoning, pat meat thoroughly with a knife.

2. Put all the ribs seasoning ingredients, grind in a blender, and filter once with a cotton cloth.

3. Soak pork ribs in the ribs seasoned with cotton cloth and let it sleep for more than 4-5 hours.

Changyang Mayonnaise Sauce Directions:

1. Chop chopped red pepper and jalapeno with minced seeds into mayonnaise

After mixing with lemon juice, put it in a milking bag. (The point is to adjust the ratio well enough to chew the red pepper)

Onion caramelizing

1. Cut 4 onions.

2. Put 80 g of sliced ​​onion and butter in a bowl and let it microwave for 10 minutes.

(** TIP for fast onion caramelizing! ** Ratio of 20 g of butter per onion)

3. Turn on the microwave and take out the yellow onion and transfer it to a frying pan.

4. Put about 70g of sugar in a pan (about 2/5 of a paper cup) and fry the onions as if coated with sugar.

5. Continue to cook by heating over medium heat. If the bottom is hanging, add a little water and mix well before cooking.

6. Repeat the process from 5 to 5 times 5 times until it is completely brown. Turn off the fire and add a piece of butter to melt with the remaining heat and mix.

Teokpapao final directions:

1. Slice raw onion in the direction of grain and soak in cold water to remove spicy.

2. Grill the seasoned meat in a pan.

3. Cut Gijitteok (Sulteok) (rice cake*) into a rectangular shape to suit your preference. (Approx. 9 cm x 13 cm)

4. Spread butter on base rice cake (sake rice cake) and bake so that the surface is slightly crispy on air fryer. (About 4-5 minutes)

(* If Gijitteok (sulteok) is thick, cut it in half thickness with water on a knife.)

5. Place the caramelized onion (30-35g) on ​​top of the grilled gigitteok (sul-tteok), and then raise the meat (60g).

6. Put Cheongyang mayonnaise sauce in a squeeze bag and apply it on the meat, then put the sliced ​​raw onion (10g) in water.

7. Cover it with grilled gijitteok (sul-tteok)  and you are done!

*Rice cake “bread”  To make this rice cake/bread I found a video.  I guess one has to get a rice flour that is sold frozen.  I found some of the brands: