Jung Il woo’s Tangerine French Toast (귤 프렌치 토스트)

Jung Il woo's Tangerine French Toast. Convenience Store Restaurant. Episode 5. 5회 정일우 감귤 프렌치 토스트.png

Jung Il woo’s Tangerine French Toast.

This was from Convenience Store Restaurant Episode 12.  Cr. Jung Il woo & KBS2


2 eggs, brioche bread, 200 ml milk. 200ml fresh cream, 0.5T salt, 1T sugar. Butter (according to preference), 1 tangerine

* Cooking tools-jester, pan, bowl, plate


1. Break 2 eggs into a bowl, season with salt and sugar, add milk and fresh cream, and loosen until the sugar is well dissolved.

2. Soak brioche bread in egg water ① and leave for about 10 minutes.

3. Put butter on a pan, put bread of ②, and sprinkle with sugar.  At this time, melt the butter and sugar in a pan to add flavor.

4. Take the bread out of the pan, put it on a plate, and melt the butter by placing it on the still warm bread.

5. Grind the tangerine peel on the zester and sprinkle it over the bread.

6. Slice the tangerine into thin slices and bake it in a frying pan, then bake it with a torch to make color and put it on the bread.

7. Lastly, if you spray sugar powder like snow, you’re done!


Me: yummmmmmmmmm!