Jung Il-woo’s Past Fan Meetings

2019 6 8. At Jung Il-woo's Fan Meeting in Seoul. By Fan 13. 00050.JPG
From his Fan Meeting in Korea, June 2019.  Cr. 2015.24.9

October 13 +1, 2018

This is the sort of database posts I want to create.  This particular one will give you access to any of Jung Il-woo’s past Fan Meetings.  Click on the descriptions to start your delight!


Korea:  Celebrating his 21st Birthday and the Foundation of his First Fan Club: Ilwoostory 


Korea:  Jung II woo’s 22nd Birthday Sail Party in Seoul


Japan:   Jung II-woo’s First Japanese Fan Meet “Secret Time in Japan.”


Korea:   Celebrating his 24th Birthday at his Third Fan Meet in Korea


Korea:   Jung II-woo “Athletic” Fan Meet 2011


Japan:   Jung II-woo Celebrates his 25th (26th Korean) Birthday

Taiwan:   Jung II-woo in Taiwan’s Fan Meetings: “The First Snow Promise”


Japan:   Jung Il-woo at his Third Fan Meeting in Japan “Happy Smilwoo.”

Korea:   Jung Il-woo Celebrates his 27th Birthday with 9 Fans. 


Japan:  Jung II-woo in two Japanese Fan Meets “Ilwoo Together” in Osaka and Tokyo.

Korea:  Jung Il-woo at his Fourth Korean Fan Meeting.


Taiwan:  Jung Il-woo in his Second Fan Meeting in Taiwan.

China:  Jung Il-woo in his First Fan Meeting In Beijing, China.

Japan:  Jung Il-woo in Rainbo’Woo’ his Sixth Japanese Fan Meeting.


Korea:   Jung Il-woo celebrates his 10th Anniversary in a Special Fan Meeting with 300 Cinderellas! 


Japan:    Jung Il-woo at the Fan Meetings in Japan in 2019.

Korea:    Jung Il-woo in his Fan Meeting in Seoul, June 2019. (In Seoul with Jung Il-woo, Day 6)