Jung Il woo’s last impressions of Sweet Munchies.

Jung Il woo in Sweet Munchies Cr. JTBC.jpg

From ZAPZEE. net. Taken from Daum, Osen.

These are the last thoughts of Jung Il woo as he says goodbye to Sweet Munchies…

“After preparing the outfits, props, and cooking personally, I could feel the hard work of the staff even better. I was also proud when the dishes that I made myself after coming up with my own ideas came out on the screen. I’m sharing the recipe, so I recommend you try it yourself. It’s really delicious.”

When asked about the most memorable dish, Jung Il Woo answered, “I remember the brisket soybean paste soup that delivered warm comfort to Ah Jin when she was facing a difficult time. I think the dish expressed Park Jin Sun’s character of delivering healing through food.” He then added, “I remember the kimchi sujebi that Jin Sung, Ah Jin and Tae Wan ate together, which foretold a full-fledged love triangle.”

Lastly, Jung Il Woo thanks the viewers who watched Sweet Munchies, saying, “I had a truly great time as I became Jin Sung. With Jin Sung, I was able to improve my cooking skills and grow as a person. I also express my infinite gratitude to the viewers who shared the pain of Jin Sun’s growth. I hope that Sweet Munchies will stay as a healing drama for a long time.”

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