Jung Il Woo’s Citrus Chicken Bake (감귤 치킨 베이크)

Jung Il Woo's Citrus Chicken Bake. Convenience Store Restaurant. Episode 16. 정일우 감귤 치킨 베이크 캡쳐

Jung Il Woo’s Citrus Chicken Bake

This was from Convenience Store Restaurant Episode 16.  Cr. Jung Il woo & KBS2


Bechamel Sauce:
30g flour, 30g butter, 300ml milk, some truffle salt, some pepper
Citrus Zest:
1 citrus peel (1 citrus)
Orange syrup:
5 citrus fruits, 4T honey / pot
Chicken Bake:
White wine 1T, butter (10g), chicken breast (100g), 3 types of mushrooms [3 Jeju dew mushrooms, 1 king oyster mushroom, 2 shiitake mushrooms],
1/2 onion, 2T milk, 2T fresh cream,
1 tortilla, a handful of pizza cheese, a little truffle salt, a little pepper, 1 citrus, a little sugar powder, 1 apple mint

Bechamel Sauce:
1) Melt the butter in a pan and add flour to make a loaf (butter + flour).
2) Add milk to loosen the lu well. (Fresh cream can be used instead of milk)
3) Season with truffle salt and pepper. (As long as you like)

Citrus Zest:
1) Wash the citrus fruits with baking soda and slice them.

* Tangerine syrup (based on 5 tangerines)
1) After tangerine is squeezed, add honey and boil.
2) The dark foam that forms in the middle is boiled off with a spoon.
3) When the desired concentration is reached, turn off the fire and transfer to a bowl to cool.

Citrus Chicken Bake:
1) Cut the chicken breast into 1 ~ 2cm, season it with salt, pepper, and truffle.
Put a small amount of butter in a pan and cook slightly.
2) Put a little white wine in the pan
Jeju dew pine mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and oyster mushrooms are cut into thick slices and fried.
3) Cut onion into 1cm size in bechamel sauce
Stir in milk and fresh cream and season with truffle salt and pepper. (As long as you like)
4) Add prepared chicken breast, mushrooms and sliced ​​mandarin orange to ③ and mix well.
5) Sprinkle pizza cheese on tortillas,
After raising the ④, cover it with plenty of pizza cheese again. (* Pizza cheese acts as an adhesive)
6) Fold half and wrap the tortilla like packaging, and cover the inside neatly for 15 minutes in the oven (200 degrees).
7) Pour plenty of tangerine syrup on the baked bake and put two tangerine slices baked with torch.
8) Add apple mint and sprinkle sugar powder to decorate it.