Jung Il woo’s Boiled and Dried Anchovies (with peppers) (꽈리고추멸치조림)

Jung Il woo's Boiled and Dried Anchovies .정일우 - 꽈리고추멸치조림-1.png

Jung Il woo’s Boiled and Dried Anchovies.

This was from Convenience Store Restaurant Episode 11.  Cr. Jung Il woo & KBS2


Red pepper (200g), medium anchovy (100g), Chosun soy sauce 5T, Jin soy sauce 5T, perilla oil, chopped garlic 1T, water, sesame oil

Directions for fried anchovies with peppers:

1. Remove anchovies head and intestines.

2. Remove the faucet and wash it thoroughly, then remove the water.

3. Pour the hole with a toothpick in order to make the red pepper go well with the liver.

4. Put red chili peppers in a large bowl, add 4T Chosun Soy Sauce and 4T Jin Soy Sauce, and boil them for 20 minutes.

5. Put anchovies in a frying pan and stir-fry them for 2 minutes.

6. Put the vanilla peppers in a frying pan and another skillet.

Directions for boiled anchovies with peppers:

Surround the perilla oil slightly, add 1T of chopped garlic, stir-fry it, and add the water to make the peppers soak.

7. Put the stir-fried anchovies in a frying pan and add about 1T of soy sauce and 1T of soy sauce.

8. Just boil it over medium heat and put a little sesame oil at the end.

(* The point is to boil yourself with soup!)

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