Jung Il-woo New York Inspired Art!

In February of 2018, I travelled to New York to a Foreign Language Conference.  Aside from the conference I also visited many wonderful places in the city! They served as inspiration for the following Jung Il-woo photographic art.  If you want to see the original post… it’s HERE.

The MOMA, or Museum of Modern Art inspired this:

I Love JIW 3

Then I saw this man:


And it inspired this:

I Love JIW 2.jpg

It is a variation of this:

I Love JIW 1.jpg

That was inspired in the famous:




The next day… I went to the Guggenheim museum.  I had always wanted to see this masterpiece of architecture…Frank Lloyd Wright’s last work.  I was so impressed…the entire piece is an ode to the circle and geometry.  The simplicity of lines and the play between asymmetry and symmetry was so beautiful!  I took in every bit of its space.  There was an exhibit called “Take my Breath Away” by Dahn Vo, but it did not take my breath away…  My breath was already gone because of Frank Lloyd Wright!  And now enjoy Jung II-woo and the Guggenheim:

Guggenheim JIW 1.jpg

Gunggenheim JIW 2

Yes!  Jung II-woo…you too Take My Breath Away!




I also visited the John Lennon Memorial and it inspired these:

Imagine JIW 1.jpgImagine 2

Ha… I can dream right?!   Did I mention it was really cold here?  I am in awe that Jung II-woo can film in those thin clothes in the cold… my hand was freezing!


Love you John Lennon…your energy is always in me!

I visited KoreaTown that night and guess who was there!  Wishful thinking!

Koreatown JIW.jpg



While I was taking a ride back from the Guggenheim, I passed by the MET.  The Metropolitan Art Museum. My eyes widened in surprise!!! A huge banner of Michelangelo was hanging!  I immediately looked it up…and it turned out to be a not to be missed exhibit with over 100 of his drawings!  The next day we went there…

Michelangelo JIW.jpg

That’s Jung II-woo looking at Michelangelo’s draft of St. Peter’s dome.  It was such an amazing exhibit… the best I’ve seen of him ever!  It included some of  his studies for the Sixtine Chapel and the Duomo of St. Peter’s. There have been many artists in this world, but he is among the masters of art. His work and dedication… is out of this world!


Last but not least… I visited Times Square…  I had a lot of fun with these images… the absurdity of how calm he is in contrast with how loud and congested Times Square is, the difference in color:  old (black and white) versus the new (full color)…

Imagine 1 Vs. 2.jpg

NY Taxis JIW.jpg


Love JIW .jpg


I took this photo from inside the M & M store.  It served as the base for the first photo.

IMG_8365 2


Time Square has a very special energy…this rush of WOOWness!

Well I hope you enjoyed this artistic trip!  Thank you for taking it with me!