Jung Il-woo interviewed by dTV, Japan.

February 7, 2019

Article in Japanese HERE.

[Long Interview] Popular Korean actor Jeong Il returned after two years of substitute service!
Jeong Il, who has appeared in numerous Korean dramas and is famous as an acting actor, has recorded “Cinderella and 4th Knights” on dTV for the first time on a monthly basis. After two years of substitute service, he returned home, and he talked about various things, including Japan, from the charm of his acting work. 

[Talks of being in service and being discharged]
Thank you very much for your two years of social service. How did you spend your time with me?
My job at the sanatorium was to care for patients’ meals and support elderly people’s medical activities.I also took care of the people at the end of my life.Having experienced something that I hadn’t experienced in my acting life before, my life’s values have changed greatly as “Human Chong Il” instead of as an actor.
It was a very good time for me and it was a very meaningful time because I don’t think I’ll have time like this again in my life.

Have you changed or learned anything while serving the social service term?
The last two years have been all new experiences for me.In his career as an actor for about 10 years, there were only a limited number of people he could meet and experience, but during his service he was very inspired by the passion and values of young people over the age of 10 years old.
For two years, I’ve been on the bus and subway, and I’ve seen things that I’ve never seen before, and I feel like my field of vision has widened with friends other than actors.

Would you be noticed if there were Jung Il on the bus or train?
I was wearing a mask when I rode, and everyone around me was watching smart phones, so I didn’t notice much because I wasn’t interested in other people (laugh).

Did you receive the support of all the fans during the service?
During my two years of service, I was very grateful to all the fans. I received a lot of e-mails and letters from people from Korea and Japan, but the contents were like a diary, saying, “We did this all day.” I was looking forward to reading it and expecting a new letter to arrive.

▪ What did you do personally?
I mainly studied English and hiking on weekends. I went out to hang out with my friends who became friends at the sanatorium, and I met friends from junior high school and high school that I hadn’t seen before. I had a very good time with both Mr. Lee Min-ho and Mr. Kim Bum going to dinner and talking about work.

You said you wanted to study English before joining the army?
Yes, I’ve been studying English for two years. I have come to be able to communicate my intentions.
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▪ Did you see any movies or dramas during the two years?
I loved movies so I watched them. Also, I went to see plays, especially classical concerts, when famous people came to Korea, and I often went to museums and museums to enjoy art and culture.

を見た When you saw a film or something like that, did you find it really good for this kind of work?
Honestly, I’ve never thought of it that way, but the most impressive drama was “The Secret Forest – Behind the Deep Dark” and “My Uncle.”I’m very happy that the actor who appeared in “My Uncle” will join us in the comeback drama “Heci.”

[About Cinderella and 4 knights <Night>, which took first place in the month on dTV!

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On ■dTV, “Cinderella and 4 Knights” were very popular in June, and for the first time in all 2018 Korean dramas won first place, I am very grateful to Jung Il!Again, please tell me the points you want people to see Cinderella and four knights <Night>.
One of the main points of this drama is that it is interesting to see the four knights <Night> have different personalities, their love and relationships.”It was just before joining the army, but I thought the younger generation would like me better, so I participated.”I was very happy to hear that all the teenagers in Japan say they like it.

▪ Do you still interact with your co-star?
Ann Jae-hyun is good friends because she is of the same age, and she goes out to eat, drinks and keeps in touch with each other.

Do you have similar roles as yourself?
I think he’s a little bit more kind and warm than the dhun (laugh). I think the similarities are pure.
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[About Japan]
▪ Have you ever seen Japanese dramas and movies?
Actually, I loved watching many Japanese movies and dramas when I was a high school student before I became an actor!I was very moved and we cried when we saw the anime “Tokyo Tower” and “I want to eat your pancreas.”I like other anime as well.

Do you want to try to appear in Japanese work?
Sure! I always tell the staff to let me know if there is a good story.

▪ Do you have anything you want to do or want to do in Japan?
I always wanted to go to the Fuji Rock Festival after I finished my duties!I would like to visit this summer if I have time.

[Tales of the restoration work “Hachi” which starts in February]
Please tell us about your feelings for the drama “Haechi,” which started in February.
The decision to participate in the drama “Hechi” was made by Kim E-jeong, who was in charge of shooting scripts such as “Tonyi” and “Yi Sun,” and “Irchime.”The role this time is a little similar to the character I have played, but I think Japanese fans will be happy because the prince of Yeon-gun is a story until he becomes king.

▪ I think you have been several in historical dramas so far, but what is the highlight of this movie?
I think there have been some stories about King Yeonjo, but I don’t think there were many stories about Yeon-geun before his enthronement, so I can see Yeon-geun.
There is a new story in history. Please expect that there are original characters among the real people and they are well integrated.

Did you make any role for the drama “Haechi” during the social service term?
Actually, I had a lot of trouble with my work when I was told about this drama six months ago. As for the character of the role, I talked for a long time with scriptwriter and director.
I’m really worried about the character I want to draw, and maybe the performance is a little different than before.

This is to all the fans looking forward to the drama.
In Korea, it will start broadcasting on February 11, but please expect that all the staff will work hard to capture the movie.
And I hope that you will see it soon.

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[About actors]
■ It’s been 12 years since you debuted in October. What do you think has changed since the debut?
My enthusiasm for and feelings for the work gradually changed, and I used to think that I would shine with the work that I would perform, but now I’m wondering what I should do to improve myself.
The more the actor is, the more difficult he feels.I t’s really hard to create new characters and characters one after another. However, I feel that part is the most attractive part of the actor.

▪ From now on as an actor, do you want to do anything other than an actor?
Apart from acting as an actor, I decided to join the National Museum of Korea because I wanted to inform Japan and many fans of Korean culture.

Also, I became the creative director of the magazine.
As an editor, I am preparing to convey my thoughts and values to the fans.I think you will see many aspects of Jeongil other than actors. There are other categories, including culture, art, travel, and gourmet food, that are related to Korea.
I think you can see it in Japan and look forward to it. We are planning for March.

■ He has been appointed a publicity ambassador for the National Museum. Do you have any attractions or favorites with the museum?
When I travel, I always go to the museum in that country. I’ve been to the Kyoto National Museum, and I like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.The good thing about the museum is that it’s not someone else’s telling you, it’s fun to go and relax and discover the ideas and arts of the writer.
And since I like painting very much, I feel very relaxed just by going there.I like Picasso from the beginning, and I like modern things rather than classical things.
“It was the first time I visited the National Museum of Korea after the renewal, which serves as the PR ambassador, and it was very good.”If you go to Korea, I would like you to go there and it will be a special memory.

▪ What role do you want to play in the future?What kind of actor do you want to be as an actor?
After the return drama “Heci,” I think it will be a modern drama, but I would like to work on a suspense meter such as a detective or a detective. Up until now, there have been many bright characters, so I want to attract new faces such as dark and scary characters.
As an actor, I hope that when I look back on my work, I can feel that I’m an actor of this color, and I want to be an actor who doesn’t want to be an actor of this color first.

と思いますが I think all the fans expect a kind of romantic comedy like Cinderella and four knights <Night>?
Of course, I would like to continue to do so, but I would like to make a decision at various times with a new aspect in mind!

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[About the future]
▪You are busy now but what would you like to do if you had a long vacation?
I like walking very much these days, and I want to do hiking. Since Japan had a good tracker course, I would like to relax and reflect on my tiredness while walking around, as well as in Korea or overseas. I used to like to go far, but these days I like to go to a place where I can feel my feet directly because it’s close or small, and the style of traveling has changed little by little by little.

■ You said you would like to hold a fan meeting in Japan in the future. What is your plan?
My fan meeting has been challenging a lot of things, but I would like to do something special for the fan meeting in Japan.What I’m thinking about now is that this time I would like to take a two-day one-night trip with all the fans in Okinawa and Sapporo.
I have already visited Tokyo 50 times (lol), and I have been to Kyoto and Osaka, so I would like to visit Okinawa and Sapporo with all the fans since I have not been there yet.
Now, I want to work hard to make the drama “Hachi” which will start in February and prepare for something that everyone can enjoy after that!