Jung Il-woo by Fan 13

Jung Il-woo in art inspired by "The Lovers" from Chagall. By Fan 13.png

Here I will post the best images I have created of Jung Il-woo.  I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator mostly to do the images.  Also a few Apps mostly to add text on my phone!  Please if reposting give me credit as Fan13.  Do not use my work as icons or banners in your social media.  Thank you!

Jung Il Woo in “The Adventures of Captain Ilwoo”… A Steampunk Special!   (April 2020)

My Jung Il Woo Fantasies!  (April 2020)

Jung Il-woo Walking on the Moon! Celebrating 50 years of humankind walking on the moon! (July 2019)

JFrog Paper Dolls   (2019- … Ongoing)

Jung Il-woo Countdown.  (Nov 2018)

Celebrating Il-woo’s 31st (32nd Korean) birthday with art!  (Sept 2018)

Jung Il-woo in art inspired by architecture and famous artists.  (July 2018)

Jung Il-woo in New York inspired art.  (Feb 2018)

Jung Il-woo Calendar 2018   (Dec 2017)

Jung Il-woo as an angel.  (Oct 2017)