Jung Il-woo art inspired by famous artists and architecture!

July, 2018

Yes, you read that correctly, architecture!  What I do is play with forms from architecture to create patterns and then use them as replacement for skin or clothing. I made this series based on art and architecture I saw on a trip I made to Spain at this time.  Believe it or not I used an APP!   Easy as 1, 2 3 if you have an idea… and sometimes it just magically happens…you just have to be paying attention so you can get the best part of it.

I am blessed with an artist’s eye.  How could I not with the artistic mother I have!  This had its pros and cons as with everything in life… I even fell into one of her oil paintings when I was around 5 and was covered in oil paints from head to toe… what came after was excruciating for me as my mother was furious (with very good reason as I had ruined her painting) and she removed the paint from my arms and legs using a very hard brush and the dissolver of oil paint… then soap.  I will never forget that day… it’s so funny to me now…  you could say I got that artistic eye the hard way!

So this piece:

Jung Il-woo art inspired by El Palacio de Correos Madrid, Spain

is based on this building, “El Palacio de Comunicaciones” from Madrid, Spain:



And this one:

Jung IL-woo Art inspired by "Palacio de Musica Catalana" Barcelona, Spain.JPG

was based on the rosy complexion of “Palau de la Música Catalana” in Barcelona




Now onto artists…I love doing these!  It’s so much fun!  It’s almost as if I go along with Il-woo inside one of the paintings… like Mary Poppins!

Jung Il-woo inspired by Fernand Léger "The Bridge" 1923.JPG

From Ferdinanf Léger “The bridge” from 1923″


Jung Il-woo art inspired by Monet's "Seine close to Giverny Sunrise" .JPG

From Monet’s “Seine close to Giverny Sunrise:”


Jung Il-woo art inpired by Van Gogh "Les Vessenots en Auvers" 1890.JPG

From Van Gogh’s “Les Vessenots en Auvers” from 1890:


Jung Il-woo art inspired by Vasarely's "Dirac" from 1970.JPG

From Victor Vasarely “Dirac” from 1970: