Jung Il “The word is that the performance is good, it is the best”

Jung Il “The word that the performance is good, it is the best”                                                 Joy news 24 | April 04, 2009

Cr. Joy News, Via Ilwoostory Japan

Laughed that the word that Jung and Il who performed a successful acting transformation in the MBC Mizuki drama “The Return of Iljimae” is the best performance.

Jung Il participated in a bright expression to the “party Iljimae” end party held at a restaurant in Seoul, Yeouido (Yoido) on Thursday afternoon.

Jung Il exchanged cups with actors and staff who had the same pleasure for 9 months and moved about food to exchange feelings on the ruling.

Jung Il said, “It was like a family atmosphere for almost 10 months when I had the same relief for almost 10 months, but I can not feel that the drama is over yet.” Although “a factual audience rating did not appear a little, the atmosphere is really the best The director says that the audience rating does not come out well which it seems regretful, but it seems that there is nothing like 100% perfection. “

Jung Il took off the image of a mischievous boy through ‘Iljimae’ and got well received after well digesting the charismatic hero’s figure.

Jung Il said, “I was worried about the performance evaluation and asked the people I saw the broadcast, they said that the performance gets better as once every single pass, the word ‘good at acting’ is the best I threw an attractive smile.

Jung Il who felt a lot of sense of burden on the early drama acting showed that there was plenty of room before the end of the airing.

Jung Il said, “Although I shoot from July last year, it seems to be enriched from this January. In fact it was difficult and difficult scenes, but I wanted to shoot so that I could improve. I rank the performers 1 – 2 years It was a posture to learn rather than to stop it.

Jung Il also gave deep trust and also conveyed thankfulness to Director Van Ile, who gave me much advice to acting.

He believed only the director who led me, although there were many points that I missed, although I am often careful to produce it, I am sorry to disturb my acting ” I told him that it would be good if I could broaden the width and thickness of the performance to me after finishing the shooting. “The way to go yet is far away.”

Jung Il also said, “I learned a lot while doing this work, I want to do drama and movies during the first half of this year rather than having a long blank period.”

“The Return of Iljimae” will finish airing the last of its 24 episodes the coming 9th of April.


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チョン・イルは「ほとんど10ヶ月間同苦同楽したところ家族のような雰囲気だ。 まだドラマが終わるということが実感できない」として「事実視聴率が少し出てこなかったりしたが雰囲気は本当に最高であった。 監督様が視聴率がよく出てこなくて惜しいといったが100%完ぺきなことはないようだ」としてドラマ放映終了所感を明らかにした。


チョン・イルは「演技力に対する評価が気になって会う人々に放送を見たかと尋ねる。 皆一回一回が過ぎるほど演技が良くなるとおっしゃる。 演技が上手いという言葉が最も良い」として特有の魅力的な微笑を飛ばした。


チョン・イルは「昨年7月から撮影をしたが今年1月から豊かになったようだ。 事実大変で難しい場面も多かったが余裕があるように撮影したかった。 演技者を1-2年して止めることでもなくてあせることよりは学ぶという姿勢でした」と話した。


彼は「足りない点も多かったが私を導いて下さった監督様だけ信じてした。 演出するのに気を使うことも多いが私の演技まで気を遣うようにして申し訳ない」として「最後の撮影を終えて私に演技の幅と厚さを広げたら良いと話したよ。 まだ行く道が遠い」と話した。

チョン・イルはまた「今回の作品をしながらたくさん習った。 長い空白期を持つよりは今年前半期中にドラマや映画をしたい」と今後の計画を明らかにした。