Jung II-woo Opens Facebook and Me2day Accounts

September 26, 2017

These are images of these accounts back then:

2011 11 26 JIW Opens Facebook .png



2011 11 26 Opens Me2day.png

This is when he posted in Tweeter to let everyone know about it:

J_frog Jung ilwoo

오늘은 드라마 “꽃미남 라면가게” 포스터 촬영중!!!!
첫방송 10월 31일 밤 11시.

Today is in the drama “Filmini Ramen Shop” poster! !!!
First broadcast 11:00 pm on October 31st.

9月23日 11:34AM

점심 먹으러왔어요!!! 점심 드셨나요????
열심히 포스터 촬영중입니다!!!!!!

I came to have lunch !!! Have you had lunch ????
I’m shooting the poster hard !!!!!!

9月23日 1:27PM

오랜만에 노량진. 촬영중.

Nolgyejin for a long time. During shooting.

9月24日 12:09PM

My followers live in the Philippines (30.1%), Indonesia (18.3%)
& Japan (7%) [top 3].

9月25日 5:01PM

한달에 한번씩 조회해봐야겠다.
오우 .. 필리핀 팬여러분들 저도 보고싶어요^^

I have to check it once a month.
Ou .. Philippine fans I want to see me ^ ^

9月25日 5:57PM

팬 여러분들께 항상 받기만해서,저도 어떤 선물을 드리면 좋을까 고민하다가
아우와 함께 화보촬영을해서 선물해드리기로했습니다. 어때요?
말안듣는 아우. 훈련좀시켜주세요.. ^^;;

I always get the fans, and I wonder what gift I should give
I decided to take a photo shoot with my brother and give him a present. how is it?
I do not listen. Please let me train .. ^^ ;;

9月25日 11:09PM

마음 다잡고 열심히 학교다니러 학교왔는데 휴강이래.
하하하하하 나만 몰랐네?????^^^^^^^^

I got all my heart and I went to school at school.
Haha hahaha I just did not know ????? ^^^^^^^^

9月26日 12:55PM

여러분. 페이스북 오픈했습니다.
페이스북에서는 또 다른 소재로 재밌게 놀아봐요~~~~^^
그리고 10월 31일 잊지마요^^ 꽃미남 라면가게.

Everyone. Facebook has been open.
On Facebook, have fun with another material ~~~~ ^^
And do not forget about October 31 ^^ If you are a good-looking shop.

9月26日 9:10PM

미투데이 시작했습니다.
미투데이에서는 좀더 드라마에 관련된 얘기릉 많이하려고해요.
우리 만날곳 많아졌네요. 바쁘다 바뻐.

I started the day.
I want to talk more about the drama in me2day.
There are many places we meet. Busy busy.

9月27日 9:59AM

또 휴강이네?????????^^ 하하… 나 바보구나….
친구가 없어서그래.. 친구해주실분..

It’s also closed. ?????????? ^ haha … I’m a fool ….
I do not have a friend.

9月27日 10:39AM