Daum Cafe Ilwoostory Nov 7, 2006

글늦게남겨서죄송해요 ^^ | 2006.11.07. 10:51

드디어 어제 첫방송이나갔습니다 ^-^

많은 관심 정말루 감사하구요 ^^

운영자님께서 매니져형한테 보내신문자두봤습니다 ^^

어제부터 날씨가 너무나 추워졌더라구요 ;;

촬영하다가 얼어죽을뻔했어요..

여러분도 감기 조심하시구요 ^^

그리구 !! 수험생분들 !

날씨가 춥지만

이제 수능이 몇일안남았네요 .. ^^

정말 열심히공부하셔서

모두 원하시는 대학 가셨으면 좋겠네요 ‘ㅡ’

저두 이제 시작한만큼 정말 열심히해서

여러분들의 기대에 부응할수있도록 노력할께요 ^^


항상좋은생각만하세요 ^^

그럼 정말 좋은일이생길거라구 믿고있습니다 ^^

늦게까지 야자하시는분들도

옷 든든하게입구가시구요 ^^

여러분 모두에게 좋은일만 생겼으면 좋겠네요 ‘ㅡ’

모두 화이팅이시구요 !

그럼 저는 다음에 또 놀러오겠습니다 ^^

맨날 촬영이 새벽 늦게끝나지만

팬카페는 항상 놀러온답니다 ^^


Sorry for leaving you late ^^ | 2006.11.07. 10:51

I finally got my first broadcast yesterday ^ – ^

Thank you very much for your great interest ^^

The operator sent me to the manager and I saw the newspaper

The weather has become very cold since yesterday;

I almost froze when I was shooting.

You too are careful of the cold ^^

And then !! Candidates! (Students)

The weather is cold

Now it’s been a few days now.

I studied really hard.

I hope everyone wants to go to college ‘ㅡ’

I’m really as hard as you started. (I will work as hard as when I started?)

I will try to meet your expectations ^^

You always smile.

Always think good ^ ^

So I believe that something really good will happen ^^

Even those who are palms until late

I have a strong entrance to my clothes ^ ^

I wish all the good things happen to all of you ‘ㅡ’

It’s all fun!

So I will come back to play next time ^^

Every day the shoot ends late in the morning  (in the night)

Fan cafe is always fun ^^