Ilwoostory June 17, 2009

2009 6 17 JIW 1000Days Ilwoostory

벌써 1000일이라니.. ^^   09.06.17 02:20

일우스토리와 함께한 시간이 벌써 천일이라니.. ^^

천일동안이라는 노래가 생각나네요 ^^

요즘 일본팬미팅 준비하느라 정신이없네요

일본첫팬미팅이라 더 신경쓰이는것같아요 ^^

최선을 다해준비하고있습니다

지금 이시간에 글쓰는거보시면 아시겠죠 ?^^


9월 한국팬미팅도 열심히 준비할꺼에요

그때까지만 조금만기다려주시고

일본팬미팅 오시는 분들은 신종바이러스 조심하시고 .. ^^

예방주사 맞고오세용

여러분 곧 6월이 끝나가네요

시간이 너무 빨리가죠..?^^

아쉽지만 앞을보고 열심히 달려가자구요 !!!!!!!!!!!

화이팅 !! ^^


It’s already 1000 days .. ^^ 09.06.17 02:20
It’s old.

It is already a thousand days with the story of Ilwoo story .. ^^

I remember the song for a thousand days ^^

I’m not in the mood for a Japanese fan meeting these days.

Japan’s first meeting, I think I’m more concerned about it ^ ^

We are doing our best to prepare.

If you see me writing at this time, will you know? ^^


I will be preparing my Korean fan meeting in September.

Wait till then.

If you are visiting Japan fan meeting, be careful of new virus .. ^^


You guys are about to end June.

Time goes too fast ..? ^^

I am sorry but I will run to see you in front of you !!!!!!!!!!!

Fighting !! ^^