Cafe Daum Ilwoostory Feb 12, 2009

여러분~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^   09.02.12 23:17

방송 잘보셨나요 ???

오랫만에 방송보고 글을 남겨요

여러분들 어떻게 보셨나요 ?

냉정한 평가 부탁드려요 ~~ ^^

내가 좋아하는 노래인데 …… ^^

카페 배경 노래좋네요 !!

요즘 촬영과 인터뷰 때문에 정신없답니다

19회정도까지 촬영 마친 상태이구요

으 ~~ 그래도 날씨가 풀려서 다행이네요

오늘 길가다 보니까 졸업하시는분들 많던데

여러분들 졸업을 축하드립니다

이제 또 새학기가 찾아오겠네요

모두 열심히 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

자주자주 글남길께요.

다른 카페 혹 디씨인사이드 팬분들도 섭섭하게 생각하지 마세용

카페혹은 제 미니 홈피에 글 남길께요 ~~ ^^

돌매 화이팅

오늘 홍매는 너무 남자같았죠 ??? 키키키

굿나잇 ~~~ ^^

더 열심히해서 멋진 일지매를 그리겠습니다

항상 행복한 생각하세요

제가 자주 들어온다는거 잊지마세여 ^^


Everyone ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^ 09.02.12 23:17
Have you seen the broadcast?
Leave a message in a long time.
How did you guys see it?
Thank you.
It’s my favorite song …… ^^
Cafe background song is good !!
I do not mind because of the shooting and the interview these days.
I’m done shooting about 19 times.
I’m glad weather is still there.
There are a lot of graduates from the road today.
Congratulations on your graduation.
Now we have a new semester.
Everyone works hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will write often.
I do not think anyone else in the other cafés,
I will leave a message in the cafe or my mini-homepage ~~ ^^
Today the red-head was too much like a man ??? Kiki
Good night ~~~ ^^
I will work hard to make a wonderful jailbreak.

Always think happy
Do not forget that I come in often ^^