GoodBye Sadness “오죽했으면” Music Video (MV) by Goo Jung-hyun

2007 was surely the music video year for Jung II-woo.  This  Goo Jung-hyun music video is like a documentary short film.   It is 30 minutes long!  It was released in eight parts…so fans had to wait to see its dramatic ending!   There are two longer versions in You Tube that show the whole story further down.  Jung II-woo along with his co-star Baek Sung-hyun won best actor(s) for their performance in this movie video at the 9th Mnet KM Music Festival.  Cr. on photos.

This is from an article from that time:

OSEN | 2007.05.23

Jung Il-woo-Baek Sung-hyun ‘Goodbye Sadness’, 60,000 clicks in 6 hours

‘Goodbye Sadness’, a new conceptual form of a combination of movies and music, began distributing primary publications at the same time through cable TV, online, theaters and other channels. The primary publication is broadcasted with eight versions edited in various lengths from 15 to 20 minutes, from a total of 35 minutes, depending on the inserted song ‘how much hard’. According to the concept of Movie M, the video object is planning a general preview as well as a reporter preview.

I also read that both Jung II-woo and Baek Sung-yun did all the scenes themselves…no doubles. Theses music videos were a great acting exercise for these two young actors.  They are absolutely violent and bloody…you have been warned!  NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN.  Some short versions of these videos are further down. I was very curious and I found a video of Goo Jung-hyun singing “Couldnt help it” in Music Core (definitely easier on the eyes!).  Way at the bottom are the Lyrics in English and Korean.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Short Video One:  Couldn’t Help it  (오죽했으면)


Short Video Two:  So  (그러니까)


Goo Jung-hyun singing “Couldn’t help it” in Music Core:


Gallery:  Includes Showcase and 9th Mnet KM Music Festival Awards.  (Click on the images to make them bigger.) Cr. On photos.


English Lyrics (Translation from Korean (Cr. via Google.)

A word has shrunk,
I can not call your name.
One step down
Now I’m away from my arms
I can not even finish it.
Please do not look back Trying to miss you
I do not know my heart.
To you who gave the world
There is nothing more painful.
Even today parting …
Goodbye, go well, my man.
My love that can not be spent forever
I can never leave you alive
If you did not, I would have made you leave.

I do not have anything to lose from the beginning.
I lost you and I lost it.
A moment of my shady life
You got it. You were dazzling.
Goodbye, go well, my man.
My love that can not be spent forever
I can never leave you alive
If you did, would you make me leave?
To let me kneel
Not regretful
Only your happiness.

My man who can not forget even if I die
It’s okay, though, because I love you.
You live in my heart for three years.
Just like this …
I just need to give it to me …

Korean Lyrics

한마디가 줄어서 지금 뒤돌아서는
니 이름을 난 부르지 못해
한 걸음이 줄어서
이제 내 품에서 멀어지는 널
끝내 잡지도 못해
제발 돌아 보지마 애써 너를 놓치는
나의 심장이 안을지 몰라
세상을 다 줬던 너에게
아픔밖에 더 준 게 없어
오늘 이별까지도..
잘가라 잘가라 나의 사람아
평생을 보내도 안될 내 사랑아
절대 살아서는 내가 너를 떠날 수 없어
오죽했으면 떠나게 널 만들었겠니..

처음부터 잃을게 하나 없던 나지만
널 잃고 나도 잃어버렸어
그늘진 내 삶의 한 순간
니가 있어 눈부셨으니 그거면 난 된거야
잘가라 잘가라 나의 사람아
평생을 보내도 안될 내 사랑아
절대 살아서는 내가 너를 떠날 수 없어
오죽했으면 떠나게 널 만들었겠니
나를 무릎 꿇게 하는 건
후회도 미련도 아닌
오직 너의 행복뿐..

죽어도 못 잊을 나의 사람아
그래도 괜찮아 난 사랑하니까
넌 내 가슴속에 추억으로 세 들어 살다
그저 이렇게..
그리움만 내게 주면 돼…

구정현(Goodbye Sadness)

Me:  Bloody Gulp!!!   ?!!