Daum Cafe Ilwoostory Sept 24, 2009

여러분.  09.09.24 11:00
안녕하세요 ^^

잘지내시죠 ? 아부도 잘보고계신가요 ?

오늘은 촬영이 일찍 끝났네요 .. ^^

오늘방송을 오늘까지 찍고 .. ㅋㅋ

이제 아부가 마지막을 향해 쭉 달려가고있습니다

몇일 안남았네요 .

여러분들도 잘지내시죠 ?

매년 하던 제 생일파티를 올해는 못했네요 ..

여러분들 보고싶었는데..


끝까지 최선을 다해 찍겠습니다.

팬분들이 쓰신 말이 생각나에요

고난과 역경이 나를 더 현명하게만든다..


여러분들도 아부 재밌게봐주시구요!!!

또 놀러올께요.

전 쿨쿨 자러갑니다 ~ ^^


Everyone. 09.09.24 11:00


Hello ^^

How are you ? Are you looking at Abu?   *Abu is
Take care of the Young Lady”

Today’s shooting is over early .. ^ ^

I took the broadcast today until today.

Abu is now running towards the end.

It’s been several days.

How are you guys doing?

I did not have my birthday party every year this year.

I missed you guys.

That’s too bad..

I’ll do my best to the end.

I remember the words your fans wrote.

Trouble and adversity make me wiser.

^ – ^

You guys have fun!

I’ll come back to play again.

I go to sleep