Cyworld May 2008

I decided to put these together…his May writings are really touching…

오랜만 정일우  2008.05.15

너무 오랜만. 안녕?
나만의 공간을 너무 갖고싶었다.
누구와도 일촌을 맺지 않을것이고,
나의 홈페이지는 나의 것.
누구도 그 영역을 침범 할수없다.
노래도 글도 사진도 모두 내 마음대로.
그냥 내 속 마음을 털어 놓고,
나의 스트레스를 풀수있고,
내가 듣고 싶은 노래 듣고,
다른 사람 홈페이지를 가고 싶지도않고,
잘보이고 싶지도, 멋있게 꾸미고 싶지도 않다.

내가 살아있는지, 뭘 하고 사는지.
가끔 나의 팬들이 궁금해하시기때문에
나 또한 너무 세상과 떨어져 살고있는 것처럼 느껴져서

죄다 변명이고 ,
또한 나의 노래를 듣고싶어서,
3000천개가 넘었던 나의 노래들이 아깝지만,
후회하진않아 ~
지금까지의 내 삶도 .
너무나 감사하고 또 감사할따름을.
여러분 안녕??
너무 반가워요.
아임 컴백 I’m come back.
하지만 또 언젠가 사라질수도…

It’s been a long time   Jung II-woo   2008.05.15

It’s been too long. Hello?
I wanted to have my own space too.
I will not have a village with anyone,
My homepage is mine.
No one can invade the area.
I can sing, write and photograph all my own way.
I just confess my heart,
I can relieve my stress,
Listen to the song I want to hear,
I do not want to go to other people’s homepage,
I do not want to look good or to look cool.

I live, what I live with.
Sometimes my fans are curious.
I also feel like I’m living too far from the world

It’s an excuse,
Psychedelic addiction.
I also want to hear my song,
My songs, which are over 3000, are sad,
I do not regret it ~
My life so far.
Thank you so much and thank you.
Hi everyone??
It’s so nice to see you.
I’m comeback.
But it might disappear someday …

요즘주 정일우  2008.05.17

나의 정체성을 잃어가는 것인가
무엇을 해도 신나지 않고,
내 자신이 사라져가는것같아
싸이를 다시 했지만,
이것도 나의 잘못된 판단이였는가 ..
또 다시 사라질수도..

Nowadays,    Jung II-woo    2008.05.17

Will I lose my identity
No matter what you do,
I think I’m disappearing myself.
I tried to do it again,
Is this my wrong judgment too?
It may disappear again.

삶 정일우  2008.05.24
삶을 살아가면서 ,
너무 기뻐하지도 , 너무 슬퍼하지도 않아도 돼..

기쁠때가있으면 슬플때도 있으니까.
너무 즐거운 삶을 꿈꾸지마.
당연히 슬플때도 있을테니 ,
기쁜일이 생기면 감사하고 ,
슬픈일이 생기면 ,
기쁜일이 생기려고 지금 내가 슬프고 힘들구나 .

이렇게 생각하면 편하잖아 !?
힘내힘내 화이팅 ~
기쁜삶을 위해 슬픈삶을 위해 .

Life     Jung II-woo     2008.05.24

As we live our lives,
You do not have to be too happy or too sad.

Sometimes I feel sad when I’m happy.
Do not dream of a very pleasant life.
Of course I will be sad sometimes,
I am grateful if there is a glad day,
If something sad happens,
I am sad and hard now to have a glad day.

It is comfortable to think like this !?
Come on.
For a sad life for a happy life.

살면서 정일우  2008.05.27

중요한 일이든 중요하지 않은 일이든..
어떤 결정을 내린다음에..
세월이 지난뒤 후회 하는 경우가 굉장히 많다.
아 그때 그러지 말껄 ..
나도 그런 경우가 몇가지가 되는데.
나의 결정은 .
되면 되는데로 살고 안되면 안되는데로 산다.

쿨하게. 긍정적으로.
후회해봤자 . 어차피 지난일.
후회한다고 돌아오는것도아니고 .
이제 앞을 보고 후회할일을 만들지 않으면 되는거야.

그런 결정을 내린 이유가 있었기에
그 당시에는 내가 하지말아야 할 이유가 있었기 때문에

안했던거고 ,
어차피 지난일 훌훌 털어버리고 다시 일어서면 되는거야 .

힘내자 그리고 웃으세요.

Living       Jung II-woo     2008.05.27

Living …
Whether it’s important or not important …
After making a decision …
There are a lot of regrets after years.
Oh, then you will not say that ..
There are a few cases like that.
My decision is.
I live in a place where I should not live.

Cool. positively.
Let’s regret it. Last day anyway.
I regret not coming back.
You do not have to look ahead and make things that you regret.

Because there was a reason for making such a decision
At that time there was a reason I should not

I did not do it,
Anyway, I can get rid of the last day and get up again.

Cheer up and laugh.

WITAT  April 26, 2007

Dearest… you seemed to have been going through some inner turmoils… were you somehow regretting not acting in another drama?  I heard in a recent interview, that you always wished you would have worked more in this time…you said that you had like 50 offers after High Kick and instead you chose to go back to school.  Is why you worked so hard in 2015 and 2016?

But Jung II-woo… I’m glad you took the time off…you needed a break after the intensity of 2007.  This period gave you balance as the human being that you are! To experience being a college student, to go hiking, to be off the spotlight for a bit!  To borrow one of my favorite human words, Steve Jobs, you may not see how does dots connect now… and may think you’ve wasted your time?  But…all that you do in life…and things that happen to you in your life are meant to be lived…  by you! The dots will connect somehow! So feel happy… for everything is an important part of your life and it makes you, the Jung II-woo that you are today!

Do I have any regrets?  None…all the things I have done and experienced good and bad were meant to be experienced…as happy and sad as they have been.

Happy and sad…lots of work and time off are a good balance…too much on one side is not…