Cyworld July 30, 2008

벌써 일년 정일우  2008.07.30 22:56
벌써 일년이란 시간이 지났구나..
하이킥 끝난지가 1년이 넘었고..
내 생일도 벌써 다가오고..
시간 정말 빠르네 ..
오랜 시간이라면 오랜시간이고 ,
짧은 시간이라면 짧은 시간인데..
6개월 넘게 활동을 안하고있네.
그동안 많은 작품이 취소되면서
많이 힘들기도하고 걱정도많았지만,
쉬면서 느낀건
작품을 안하고 후회하는것보다
작품을 하고 후회하는것이 났다라고 느꼈다.
그만큼 깨닫고 알아가니까..
많은시간을 보내며 많이 배우고 깨달았는데,

어차피 연기생활을 하면서 언제가는 겪어야할 시간을 겪었으니

나에게는 너무나도 감사한 시간이였고,
이시간을 통해 한층더 성숙된것같아서
그저 감사할 따름이다.
드디어 ..
촬영에 들어갔구나.
나의 작품에 대한
많은 걱정들과 많은 얘기들이 있는건 사실이다.
어느 작품을 하든,
부담과 걱정이 있기마련,
그만큼 최선을 다해서 작품에 임하겠습니다.
오랜 시간을 쉬었으니
그만큼 성숙되어 찾아오겠습니다.
국내촬영, 대만촬영, 일본촬영 등등..
열심히 찍어서 11월 혹은 1월에 찾아뵐께요.


It is already one year Jung II-woo  2008.07.30 22:56

It’s already been a year.
It’s been over a year since high kicks ended.
My birthday is already approaching ..
Time is really fast.
For a long time, a long time,
If it’s a short time, it’s a short time.
I have not been active for more than six months.
In the meantime,
I was very tired and worried,
What I felt while resting
Rather than regret
I felt that I had to work and regret.
I realize that and realize that ..
I spent a lot of time learning and realizing,

I’ve had a lot of time to go through my acting life anyway.

It was a very grateful time for me,
I think I have matured through this time.
It is just thankful.
finally ..
You’re in the shoot.
For my work
It is true that there are many worries and many stories.
Whichever work you are doing,
There is burden and worry,
I will do my best to do so.
I’ve been away for a long time
I will mature as it is.
Domestic shooting, Taiwan shooting, Japan shooting etc.
I’ll take a hard shot and see you in November or January.


In his writing at this time you can sense a very unhappy Jung II-woo.  He talks about projects being dropped.  ‘Triple” was one of them… he had trained hard learning to skate. This is an article about the Drama when it was still on… poor Jung II-woo.