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December 10, 2007

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Jung Yil, “As satisfied as an actor, it is only 30%”
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For Jeong Il (20), this year is a year we can not forget. As he was acting as a newcomer quietly step by step he is an MBC situation comedy “Kick really high! Many things have changed after I ranked quickly at the new-generation icon.

With the popular situation comedy popular schedule, CF appearances, interview requests and so on he sent everyday having no time to breathe.

Of course, thanks to the sudden masses’ ‘gaze concentration’, the appreciation comes ahead of me, but sometimes I feel overrated rather than what I own, it is time for me to have trouble.

Is it because of that? He met with a new movie “MY LOVE” (Director Lee Han) waiting for the release, he has an adult-looking eye that is not suitable for a 20 year old man.

“If you do not feel a sense of burden on the” high kick “it would be a lie .. Although the unsettled part also existed when starting this movie for the first time, the director attracted the courage to the point where I am concerned ”

In this work including Kim Woo Sung, Choi Gang Hee, Ryu Seung Young, Lim Jung-eun, Om Tae-woong including your love story of your couple, Jung Yi appears with Lee Youni and a campus couple.

How was the first acting respiration of the two indeed age bands similar to those of college students. Jung Yil said to me, “If you are acting, Yoni who is rather a junior’s role led the performance and you went and acted” as a “smart ambience actor.”

As for himself, “If you see the appearance of a couple acting by Kam Woo Sung, Choi Gang-hee senpai who appears like this,” he said, “I’m tolerated satisfactorily by 30%, even if I give it a lot, I will miserably criticize my criticism.

I am asking again, “Is not it ‘unfair comparison’ in terms of career and age in order to simply compare with two senior actors, but it is still a face that does not match at all. Because he has a lot of greed like this, he is busy even ‘busily wishes to stack properly from the basic skills of acting’ he also received university exams, he will become a freshman of Hanyang big theater film cinema next year.

He says “Serious determination (?) Of college life” as “to wait for the day of admission with half of fear,” as he says, “Do not play this time and study truly enthusiastically.”

On the other hand, it seems a bit mindful that older than two years older than the same age is older. “Synchronization of the same age is a bit lonely as there are many friends who have already joined the army.”

Still, as soon as the interview finishes, he returns to a face full of casual immediacy, he is definitely 20 years old ‘One Sonam’.

“It seems that it is not time to rest, I always want to suffer severely and I want to accomplish things such as what I’ve given.”

It is a decision of Jeong Il who wants to be reborn as an ‘actor’ from a new generation star.

※ The translated sentence is corrected to the extent that it is understandable in part.

Japanese Version

チョン・イル、「演技者として満足も? 30%に過ぎず」
my daily2007-12-10 10:30:01

チョン・イル(20)にとて、今年は忘れることのできない一年だ。 新人演技者として静かに一歩ずつ踏み出していた彼がMBCシチュエーションコメディ『思いっきりハイキック!』で一躍新世代のアイコンに位置した後、多くのことが変わった。



そのためだろうか。 新しい映画『MY LOVE』(監督イ・ハン)の封切りを控えて会った彼は、20歳の青年にふさわしくない大人っぽい目つきを持っている。

「『ハイキック』に対する負担感がないとするならば嘘でしょう。 この映画を最初に始める時も不安な部分があったのに監督が私が憂慮する地点に対して、勇気を呼び込んで下さいました」

カム・ウソン、チェ・ガンヒ、リュ・スンニョン、イム・ジョンウン、オム・テウンなど君のカップルの愛の物語を含んでいるこの作品で、チョン・イルはイ・ヨニとキャンパス カップルで登場する。

実際にも大学生の上に似た年齢帯の二人の初めての演技呼吸はどうだったのだろうか。 チョン・イルは「演技をしているとむしろ後輩の役割のヨニさんが演技をリードして行ったよ」として「賢い雰囲気の演技者」と耳打ちする。


「2人の先輩演技者と単純比較するにはまだ経歴や年齢面で’不公正な比較’ではないか」と再質問してみるが、それでもまったく性に合わない顔だ。 このように欲が多いからなのか、忙しい中でも’演技の基本技からきちんきちんと積みたくて’大学試験もまた受けた彼は、来年漢陽(ハニャン)大演劇映画科新入生になる。


一方、同じ年頃同期より年齢が2才年上なことは少し気にかかるという。 「同じ年頃の同期たちはすでに軍入隊した友人が多くて、少し寂しい」と付け加える。