Jung Il Woo in MBN’s “Eat More” (더 먹어 가) (Some English Translation)




April 18, 2021

Jung Il woo appeared with his Co-star Kwon Yuri in the upcoming drama Bossam Stealing Fate  in the the show “Eat More.”  There he meat a Chef  Im Jiho (임지호) who uses many ingredients from his immediate environment in his dish creations. The hosts for this show are Kang Ho-dong and Hwang Je-sung, who help the Chef in scavanging, and then prepare meals that may cure the scars on guests’ bodies and minds.

During this Yuri told the story of how her mother had breast cancer and survived never telling her anything about it so she could continue her singing career uninterrupted.  Jung Il woo talked about his accident and living with his aneurysm.  I translated that part.

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0:29 When I had just done the audition for “Highkick” in 2006, I had a big car accident. So I was in the hospital for 4 months, and right after I was discharged from the hospital, I lied to the director that I am ok and I was on a set shooting. I did that over 1 year and my health worsened.

0:50 and it was my debut but I got so much love and it gave me a lot of pressure. (like a responsibility) Yeah, so I was not able to take it any longer.

1:00  so, in fact, around 1 year (you did not feel healthy enough back then), yeah, so I took a rest for a little over 1 year.  That time, my right wrist was shattered and that time I got arthritis/ joint inflammation. On my wrist. (because you did not get full medical care) Yeah, that time I got worse as the doctor said “You have to have another surgery” so I did not get my chance to become bigger as an actor that time. I really feel saddened by that.

1:25 but I heard that was not the last struggle you had. I heard you had bigger struggle later.

1:30 year, after that, I was about 26 years old, I was shooting a drama and I had a severe headache. I went to a medical center and got tested and found out that I have a cerebral aneurysm. (yeah?)

1:49  it’s a disease which makes blood vessels swelling and when it bursts, it leads to a stroke. I was so young that I did not go out and just stayed at home because I was very shocked by the fact. (of course that’s scary! Because there is no any early sign or something for that ) I was very scared and it’s like a time bomb, and I was pressured and worried that I can die at any moment

2:13 Since I was in my early 20s, I wanted to go on a pilgrimage to Santiago. After around 1 month, I just went on a trip on the pilgrimage road without hesitation.

2:36 I felt so tired during the pilgrimage so I didn’t think about anything the whole day. the same daily routine, sleeping with tens of people in one place, and having the same goal of going to Santiago made all of us to become very close.  That moment, I was not an actor, I returned to a normal young adult and while doing that, I put down much pressure as an actor.

3:07 before, I was nervous and hurrying in many situations but after the pilgrimage I decided to enjoy the moment. Everything I have now is enough and thankful, I think of such things these days.

3:22 (Chef Im Jiho) I have been walking from the southern sea to Gwangju, Suncheon and Yeosu. If I don’t have any shoes, I go to any house and ask for shoes and then walk and walk. It’s not like enlightening, but more like getting to know where my limit is. (Yes, you are right) Where my limit is. It’s a Q&A with myself. (right) We humans are travelers who just have to keep walking.

3:53 These days, I am thinking about this a lot. When I am working, I have to choose something among many things. And when I decided to walk to Santiago, no one told me what to do as I chose to go there.  The thoughts I have these days are like that “I don’t want to compromise myself” I don’t want to do things just because it gives me more money.

4:25  he is much stronger inside now.  (yes yes, he looks really strong)

4:33 so… are you enjoying your reality now?  No, of course I can’t! (laughing) it’s our humans forever homework.

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KYR125 SUBS  translated this video:

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I really enjoyed watching this show!  I usually talk to my mom on Sundays so we were mesmerized by how he would collect plants, flowers and put them in food.  Imagine the years of knowledge and stomachaches! in getting to this level of knowledge.  And the presentation of the food!  Just WOOw!

My favorite part as I stated in Instagram, was when Ilwoo cooked with him, you could tell Ilwoo was trying to learn as much as he could.  He is so earnest!

About his interview, I’m glad he is enjoying his life more.  Savoring it slowly… like food!  Little by little he is trusting life more, letting go of his fears.  But like a good Virgo everything is thought out, weighed and measured… I am surrounded by Virgos, including my mom… and these people leave very little to chance!  It’s too bad, because they miss a lot in always trying to be “sure.”

Oh… And I’m so glad MBN does such a great job in posting videos, posters, promo… just look at the amount of videos in just one show!  We will be very well fed with Bossam Stealing Fate!  Yeah!