Hello! Welcome to year 2021 of Jung Il woo’s professional life.

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14  Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

12  Jung Ilwoo in Phone Cleansing

5   Jung Ilwoo will be in the show “Phone Cleansing” on February 9, 2021

5   Jung Ilwoo in The Queen’s Gambit!


Jung Ilwoo’s first stills for his upcoming drama “Bossam-Stealing Fate.” (보쌈-운명을 훔치다).  En Español.

Jung Ilwoo in Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. (Special Post)

15  Revisiting Jung Ilwoo’s Second Movie: “My Love” (내 사랑)

22  Jung Il woo for STM Magazine (2014)

22  Jung Ilwoo and Sandara Park (Dara)