Jung Il-woo donates 2 million won (20,000$) to help victims of a forest fire in Gangwon Province.

April 4, 2019

Wildfires in the eastern Gangwon Province of South Korea killed one person and forced more than 4,000 people to flee their homes. The cause of the fires is believed to have been due to a transformer spark near a resort in the area on Thursday evening and spread to the cities of Sokcho and Gangneung.

According to authorities, 525 hectares of land were affected by the blaze, along with 198 homes and other buildings. As many as 3,251 firefighters, accompanied by 16,500 soldiers, military helicopters and military fire trucks, were deployed to get the flames under control.

As of Friday morning, the fire in the Sokcho region had been contained, while about 50 percent of the fire in the Gangneung region had been put out. President Moon Jae-in declared a state of emergency and asked officials to use all available resources.


Actor Jung Il-woo donated 20 million won to help victims of forest fire in Gangwon Province.

Daily Sports2019.04.06 오전 9:47

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According to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association, Jung Il-woo donated 20 million won on the 5th, and this money is used in the damage area of ​​Kangwon Forest Fire.

An official said, “Jeong Il-woo has contributed steadily since then, and his donation of 20 million won will be useful for the wildfires.”

The contribution news of Jung Il-woo has been steadily transmitted. In 2012, we received the Minister of Health and Welfare Minister’s Award as “Happiness Sharing Person (Human)” in recognition of steady donation and various sharing activities. In addition, it is known that he practiced good intentions on the milestone of the New York Disability Mission in New York. In 2014, a donation of 30 million won was made for the purchase of relief goods in connection with the sinking of the lake. In 2016, 20 million won was sent to the social service center.

The Goseong-Sokcho wildfire in Gangwon Province, which occurred on the 4th of last month, is now 100% evolved, but it has suffered huge property damage. One male in his 50s died in Sokcho and one injured.


It was so nerve racking to see the fires move so fast from tree to tree… so terrible… you basically have to run and leave all behind!  Fortunately it did not claim too many human lives.  I imagine it did kill a lot of wild life…

Il-woo … always so kind. They will need a lot of help to get back on their feet…

May god bless all involved.