Jung Il-woo in Haechi Episode 18 (35-36) Cr. SBS. Website Photos. Close Up 2

Welcome to the year 2019 of Jung Il-woo’s Professional life!  Aside from the post you may find on the home page, here is where I will archive 2019 posts, the latest being on top. When you click on it, it will open to its own page.

Oct 15  Jung Il-woo will be at “Convenient Restaurant” starting October 25 at KBS 2.

Oct 14  Jung Il-woo returns to the theater with “The Elephant Song”

Oct 10 Jung Il-woo in Wild Map Documentary Episode 2 (KBS)

Oct 6   Jung Il-woo will be in a cooking show!

Oct 3   Jung Il woo in Wild Map Episode 1.

Oct 1  Jung Il woo in The Neighborhood Magazine.

Sept 12  Happy Chuseok Il Woo Ssi! 추석 잘 보내세요 일우 씨!

Sept 9  Happy 33rd Birthday Il woo!

Sept 8  1 Day to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

Sept 7  2 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th

Sept 6  3 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

Sept 5   4 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

Sept 4   5 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

Sept 3   6 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

Sept 2   7 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

Sept 1  8 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

Aug 31  9 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

Aug 30  10 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

Aug 29  11 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

Aug 28  12 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

Aug 27  13 Days for Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

July 22  Jung Il-woo meets the Elegant Blemmy for Wild Map. Live Video 4 with translation to English.

July 20  Jung Il-woo in Happy Together Season 4 Episode 41. Translation to English.

July 20  Jung Il-woo Walking on the Moon! Celebrating 50 years of humankind walking on the moon!

July 6  Jung Il-woo live for KBS’s Wild Map Video 2: “Hello! Sihwa Lake’s Great Crested Grebe.” with translation to English

July   Jung Il woo in a Japanese Magazine at the Fan Signing in Japan.

July 2  Jung Il woo in the Japanese Magazine Channel Book.

June 25  Jung Il-woo in Haru-Hana Vol 61

June 14  Jung Il-woo in various Japanese Interviews promoting Haechi.

June 8  Jung Il-woo at his Asia Fan Meeting “Him” in Seoul.

June 2-11 My First Trip to South Korea!

May 30  Jung Il-woo in an article by Dispatch.

May 25 Jung Il-woo at the Asia Fan Meetings “Him” in Japan in 2019.

May 21 Jung Il-woo departs to Japan for his First Fan Meetings after Military Service.

May 18 Jung Il-woo and Na Mun-Hee. Kribbit Magazine Translation to English.

May 18 Jung Il-woo in Magenta Goodness! And an Interview.

May 16 Jung Il-woo larger than life in a final look at Haechi (for now!)

May 14 Jung Il-woo attends the Wrap up Party for Haechi

May 11 Jung Il-woo walking el Camino de Santiago

May 8   Jung Il-woo’s Coming Fan Meeting in Korea, June 2019

May 7   Haechi Episode 24 (47-48)

May 6   Haechi Episode 23 (45-46)

May 4   Haechi Episode 22 (43-44)

May 3   Jung Il-woo in blue and orange.

May 3   Jung Il-woo in various interviews.

May 2   Jung Il-woo poses for Spazio Studio for various interviews.

April 26  Haechi Episode 21 (41-42)

April 25  Haechi Episode 20 (39-40)

April 22  Jung Il-woo and Earth Day 2019.

April 21  Haechi Episode 19 (37-38).

April 19  In the Memory of Awoo.

April 17   Haechi Episode 18 (35-36)

April 16   Haechi Episode 17 (33-34)

April 13   Jung Il-woo’s pet A-woo died.

April 10   Haechi Episode 16 (31-32)

April 8     Kribbit Translations

April 7     Haechi Episode 15 (29-30)

April 7    Jung Il-woo donates 2 million won (20,000$) to help victims of a forest fire in Gangwon Province.

April 6      Haechi Episode 14 (27-28)

April 3      Jung Il-woo in the First Issue of KRIBBIT Magazine: BLOOM!

April 1      Haechi Episode 13 (25-26)

March 31 Jung Il-woo and his mom at the “Korean Evening” event in the China National Silk Museum in China.

March 27 Haechi Episode 12 (23-24)

March 26 Kribbit goes on Sale Internationally (Pre- Order)

March 25 Haechi Episode 11 (21-22)

March 22 Jung Il-woo’s Kribbit Magazine

March 20 Haechi Episode 10 (19,20)

March 18 Haechi Episode 9 (17,18)

March 11  Haechi Episode 8 (15,16)

March 5  The State of Womanhood in Haechi Episode 7 (13-14)

March 4  Haechi Episode 6 (11,12)

February 25 Haechi Episode 5 (9, 10)

February 23  A Visit to Yongin Dae Jang Geum Park with Jung Il-woo!

February 21  Haechi Episode 4 (7,8)

February 20 Jung Il-woo changes the look of his website: jungilwoo.com (and celebrating 2 years of jungilwoodelights)

February 18 Haechi Episode 3 (5-6)

February 17 Jung Il-woo in “My Little Old Boy” Episode 216

February 16  Haechi Episode 2 (3-4)

February 16  Jung Il-woo will make guest appearance at the show “My Little Old Boy” Episode 216. 

February 15 Special Post:My visit to Jung Il-woo’s 2013 Photo Shoot Location in Brooklyn, New York.

February 14 Special Post: Happy Valentine’s Day with 2nd Jfrog Doll Outfit

February 11 Haechi Episode 1 (1-2)

February 10 (11) The Production Presentation (Press Conference) of Haechi

February 9 Compilation of Scenes of Haechi

February 7 Jung Il-woo interviewed by dTV, Japan.

February 3 Jung Il-woo in Running Man Episode 437.

February 1  Jung Il-woo as Prince Lee Geum.

February 1 Jung Il-woo beautiful in yellow!

January 31  Jung Il-woo in more Haechi /Hatch Posters.

January 29  Jung Il-woo inteview by Korean JoongAnn Daily.

January 29  Haechi’s Fourth Trailer. English Subtitles.

January 27  Jung Il-woo uses Tik Tok!

January 27  Jung Il-woo will be in Running Man’s Episode 437, airing February 3rd, 2019.

January 23  Posters for Haechi / Hatch Revealed.

January 21  Jung Il-woo in the Haechi, third trailer. with English translation.

January 17  Jung Il-woo Behind the Scenes of Haechi. Making 1: Script reading.

January 9   Jung Il-woo for Kstyle Magazine. January, 2019.

January 5   Jung Il-woo attends the 33rd Golden Disk Awards as a presenter.

January 4   Haechi, plot and character descriptions of the new drama with Jung Il-woo and Go Ara.