Jung II-woo for Doritos

May 2012

Jung II-woo also became the image of Doritos.  Here are the CF (Commercial Film) or commercials, Behind the Scenes videos of the filming and many photos.  Also some of the advertisements, that came out…   Jung II-woo even pretended to DJ for them!  Cr. Lotte (Doritos)

CF Complete Version 30sec.

CF Teaser 15sec.

Behind the Scenes:

This next video talks about him and his gorgeous face including the Philip’s award and there are takes of all the commercials he had appeared at this time including Holika Holika’s.


Photos:   Cr. Doritos and SOOP

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I think this was a contest of some sort… can you imagine if the ultimate prize was to watch him DJ as a special guest!  WOO-ah-oh…  plop!  (that’s me falling from fainting!)

2012 5 19 Jung II-woo for Doritos00010



Talking about DJ’s lights and music… on Thursday April 5th, I went to see Justin Timberlake in his “Man of the Woods” concert!  It is the best pop artist concert I have ever been to!!!  Justin Timberlake is a very complete entertainer, he can act, sing, dance and he is a great composer and choreographer as well.  So talented!

The entire floor of the TD Garden (which is the venue where our Celtics and Boston Bruins play their home games) was his stage set with various connected platforms and trees!  I was so surprised by this!  I thought he was going to be in the opposite end of where I was sitting… but he designed his show so that every person could see him dance and sing close… He had the most amazing stage design set ever!  He had these rolling screens that would come down and project all kids of things… that went with his music.  He loves lasers so he had those along with zillions of lights! And on various spots in the stage things would go down and up, so dancers would come out say on my side… when they had been previously at the other end!  It was like magic!


If you don’t know who Justin Timberlake is, I’m glad to introduce you to him!  This is a bit of his performance of “Mirrors”…one of his greatest hits:

Sorry about my screams! ^^ This next one shows a bit of the lights and the end of ‘Mirrors’

One part that absolutely killed me…  was that he, along with his bandmates and back up singers sat …around a fire! A real camp fire on stage!!!  There they sang some of his slow songs and each of his band members and back up singers did their solos.   So beautiful! I was able to take the most amazing photo using my binoculars:


The colors were warm, just as were the feelings transmitted by them to us…

All I can say…is that if this man ever goes on a concert near you…he is worth every penny!  Much of Justin Timberlake’s music is great to dance to, and great to work out to and even to do your home shores!   This coming song was what he closed his performance with everybody dancing!!!

He has that sunshine in his pocket for sure!!!

This is what it looked like when it ended.  You can see the stage shape better and… look at all the banners of the years our Basketball (Boston Celtics) and Hockey (Boston Bruins) teams have won. The Celtics still have the record for the most NBA Titles won at 17!


My seat number?


Of course!  🙂

One last song?  Let me take you back to Justin’s beginnings…this is a classic… he shatters the biased line “White Men can’t dance” to tiny almost invisible pieces!

He has rocked my body for so many years!  Thank you JT!!!