Jung II-woo in black for various Interviews.

December 2011

He looks so good in black…he looks so good period!  These photos come from for different interviews.  So delight with Jung II-woo in black:

12/5 Yonhap News:

2011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000032011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000042011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000022011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000052011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000062011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000072011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000082011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000092011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000102011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000112011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000122011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 000132011 12 5 Jung II-woo in Yonhap interview. 00015

12/10 The Daily Focus:

2011 12 10 Jung II-woo for the Daily Focus 000012011 12 10 Jung II-woo for the Daily Focus 00007.jpg2011 12 10 Jung II-woo for the Daily Focus 000032011 12 10 Jung II-woo for the Daily Focus 000042011 12 10 Jung II-woo for the Daily Focus 000052011 12 10 Jung II-woo for the Daily Focus 00008.jpg2011 12 10 Jung II-woo for the Daily Focus 00002

12/13 TV Daily:

2011 12 13 Jung II-woo for TV Daily 000022011 12 13 Jung II-woo for TV Daily 000032011 12 13 Jung II-woo for TV Daily 000042011 12 13 Jung II-woo for TV Daily 00001

12/22 edaily:

2011 12 22 Jung II-woo for eDaily 000022011 12 22 Jung II-woo for eDaily 00001

Did you notice a change in the last one?  Black hair!  Here he was transitioning into his next drama:  “The Moon that Embraces the sun.”

This is the interview from TV Daily. It comes from Ilwoostory Japan, translated to English via Google Translate.  It’s not very good…but it gives a bit more insight into ILwoo’s thoughts at the time!


TV Daily 12/13/2011

It seemed that the face of the actor Jung II-woo (24) was more frustrating than before because of the subsequent shooting like live broadcasting. But Jung II jumped like a fish that got water. It is a peaceful and pleasant appearance as if I had looked for my clothes.

Cable channel tvN I was not obedient in the drama ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’, but I met Jung II, who is attracting women’s attention as a chaebol 2 Cha Chi-soo who seems to be able to see the attractiveness of disgusting side stand out. Is it because he is the protagonist of a melodic thing that a young actor in his twenties can do. Despite being tired, it is shining.

“The atmosphere at the shoot site is really good, since the genre itself is a romantic comedy, there is only something fun. In some cases it is funny just by looking at the face and you smile with each other and often get NG. It will be more happy because it is surrounded by men “

While he was explaining the shooting site, he was smiling throughout the game. Although it was about smiling, even if we explained all the atmosphere of the scene, there were plenty of happiness overflowing. Eyes are also clearly thought to be reminiscent of fun things again and it seems to be sucked in.

Jeong il deepened his deep friendship with Lee Chong-ah as a result of this work. Cha Chisu, the female chief character Yang Eun-bi (Lee Chong-Ah) likes, is a character that hurts as I do not know how to express feelings towards Unby. Thanks to acting in concert with something like that, he said that he became familiar with it.

“I heard that Chung Ah says that four men are stuck to the side every day, or they are happy and are going to die. Ha ha, he said that he seemed to be in the flower garden forever? I also met my sister I think that you are fortunate, you can enjoy taking overnight “

Jung Il became a high school student once again following MBC situation comedy ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ that made himself a star. Is it because of that?  Jung · I wear a school uniform is somewhere freely like a fish that got water.

“It is strange, but if you wear a uniform you will feel free and freely.There is also a memory for Yuno of ‘High Kick’, there are some things that makes something fun just wearing uniforms Unnamed: Age will come when it becomes more awkward to wear uniforms?

Jung il was not easy to be honest, but sometimes he felt affection for Cha Chi-soo, who repeatedly failed his father’s hardship. He says that such character of the hero is exactly like his actual appearance.

“Cha Chi-soo has some unclear parts, sometimes it becomes frustrating when I am with a girlfriend or girlfriend.Frankly my original personality is unfriendly but frankly if I feel better I also show it, I am amazed.That is Cha Chisu “

Jung Il is making efforts to express it as it is to maximize the performance of Cha Chisu. However, it is not easy. According to Jung II ‘s story, he is not an actor with genius talent. It will come out to act only after doing the best by stepping on the groundwork.

“There seems to be actors who make efforts if there are actors born with them.Of course it is mostly necessary to have all two.I am really a type to strive for 99 %. I have a lot of complex. With effort I will try to cover the shortcomings, it will be my intense fight “

Then, what is the thing that Jung IIis interested in these days? “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” is No. 1 now, is not it the next production drama?  “Maybe the ‘Moon embracing the Sun”?

“It is not yet decided, since it is a historical theater, there are expectations and worrying parts. Although I experienced the historical theater for the first time in ‘Iruchi who came back’, it was a work that I learned a lot, I hesitate to tell you, but we will inform you of good news soon “

Jung II who helped the ramen shop in the drama said he could not eat a lot of ramen during actual shooting. However, he usually makes ramen, he has a recipe for him. “It is tasty to take soup with sardine and kelp, so it is good to cut off chili pepper and red pepper in order to eat as it is flickering”

It seems that there is extraordinary insight in cooking. If so, is there other wisdom other than ramen? “There is no special recipe for me but it is a person who enjoys cooking.The mother is very good at cooking so I can also make it mostly. I can also make sweet simmered chicken meat and confidence is only for shabu shabu”

Jung IIcaught in the reporter’s word that he could be the best boyfriend. “As my grandmother inherited to my mother, I seem to have been taught from my mother. I used to cook her before, I am a good cooker ~ ha ha”

Cable channel tvN The main character Cha Chi-soo of the drama ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ is perfect. We have everything until the Zaibatsu II has a perfect appearance and a not straightforward personality (charm is added rather than being honest).

However, sometimes it is cheating. While I can not express my feelings to make me feel frustrated with my favorite woman Yoon Eun-bi (Lee Cheong Ah), let’s make people laugh at a certain time by pressing force too much. Two-sided Cha Chisu, this guy has charm.

Actor Jung II (24) also feels charm to the character. However, it is not a strong heart that can be in contact with a woman like Cha and Chis who is not obedient. “I can not do things like bargaining (pushing and pulling romantic techniques) like Cha Chisu, it is a type that will become a line if you like”

Jung II sighed as if he could say that he could not do such things though he would be popular if the bargaining was good. “First, if you like, I can see and see only the advantages of that person, it can not be like Cha Chisu, in fact, even though such men are more popular,”

Recently ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ Jeong il and Lee Cheong A’s kiss scene got a hot topic. The running time of this scene that appeared in the ending was quite long. “There was a little NG, the director was shot from so many different angles, so it took me long”

Jung II said, “It was not a deep kiss but only a cheek”, but this kiss scene gathered topics among the fans, “I told the fans that it is a shock crucible. Although NG came out about five times, it seems that it was not absolutely intentional. Ha ha “

Last time, the fact that Jung Il and Lee Ki Woo are brothers became clear, and entered a new phase. It was a slightly injured dolphin. “Actually, it is an element that seems to be an indispensable factor, but our drama is frank.The title will also go ‘between the point where I adhere’ and ‘the grudge’.

‘Ikemenramen shop’ is a young and cool drama. The main character of the girl takes a love in a flower garden where her hands are crowded, and falls into a happy trouble. It seems fun to be a hero of such a youth drama yet, Jung Yi.

“It is strange that it is already in the middle of my twenties, I am thankful that there is a performance that I can do at my age, time is really fast.The time really gets so fast.Although I debuted with ‘high kick’ Although it does, time really flows terribly “

From drama ’49 days’ to ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ Jung Il keep running running without time to rest. Moreover, I am still suffering from my next work. Jung II revealed the hope that he would definitely ski on winter this year if he could spare time.

“The closest friends are Lee Min – and Kim Bum I sometimes go skiing with them.I want to go to the ski resort if I can do the time, but Bom has taken ‘Padam paddam’ so I can tell if I can go Bom got affection because he is the only friend I got to work, so my love is like a brother like a real younger brother, there is a part matured not fitting for a young age “

Lee Mino is also a special friend for Jung II. “Mino is a friend who is powerful.It is a friend who gives you a stimulus if you look at Mino and you feel that you have to do it more enthusiastically.What I meet you do not talk much to each other However, you can understand each other’s feelings sufficiently “

Jeon Il plans to focus on overseas activities as well. Recently ‘Ikumeramenmaya’ was sold at the highest amount in cable drama history, and also held fan meetings where 2000 fans in Japan participated.

“There is expectation to drama.The response of overseas fans is very good.The reaction is coming not only in Japanese fans but also in Taiwan and Hong Kong.Oversex alone said that the number of downloads exceeded 2 million I am surprised and I want to communicate with overseas fans “

Jung II-woo laughingly laughs at the story that ‘Is it now a Korean star?’ “Hallyu Star, is not there yet, I am currently on a lot of communication with fans at Twitter, but it is unusual that there are overseas fans among them, I would like to get closer to fans through the work is”