Jung II-woo after 49 Days Interview

June 1, 2011

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This interview comes via 10asia:

Jung Il-woo shone with the appeal that someone only of his age could — he checked out his jaw line in the mirror this way and that when told he seemed to have put on some weight after “49 Days” ended and showed off that he had great chemistry with actress Lee Yo-won for the show yet remarked, “We don’t keep in touch after filming ended. She has to look after her baby and you know, because we’re just cool like that? (laugh)” The ‘Scheduler’ Song Yi-soo that he played in SBS TV series “49 Days” which ended on May 19 was the modern day version of the angel of death, yet the Scheduler played by the cheerful Jung Il-woo was an ordinary guy who was grumpy and sensitive when it comes to fashion yet a hopeless romantic in front of the woman he loves. So what meaning did “49 Days” have for Jung who, after experiencing ups and down in his career through his debut role in MBC’s “High Kick,” “The Return of the Iljimae” and “My Fair Lady,” returned to the small screen after a year and a half long hiatus? One thing for sure is that the two months he worked on it were spent with “fun and at ease.”

10: You’ve shown quite a bit of attachment to your character Song Yi-soo from “49 Days,” to the extent that you wrote, “Today… I somehow miss Yi-soo a lot… Song Yi-soo… Goodbye,” on your Twitter account even after the drama ended. What about your character do you think you were you so drawn to?
Jung Il-woo:
 Song Yi-soo was refreshing because I hadn’t seen anyone like him before and I felt that I’d be able to make him seem attractive if I did a good job of bringing out the double-sidedness to him. Angels of death usually have the image of being cold, dark and dignified but I wanted to make the Scheduler seem like someone that viewers wouldn’t feel hostility to. I tried to make him seem as natural as possible.

10: Your character was just a Scheduler at the beginning of the show but after the fact that you and Song Yi-kyung (played by Lee Yo-won) being past lovers emerged, you were at the center of the romance.
 My character actually didn’t have that much weight at first according to the script. He was supposed to help out Shin Ji-hyun (Nam Kyu-ri) from time to time and let go of Yi-kyung after telling her that he really loved her. But he came to have bigger weight once the show started and we had meetings.

10: How did you try to express the emotional changes that Scheduler experiences toward the latter half of the show?
 Well acting the scenes after Scheduler finds out that Song Yi-kyung was the woman he loved was difficult, especially when she is possessed by Shin Ji-hyun. I had acted toward the possessed Song Yi-kyung in a different way from the very beginning though. I told myself that even if the Scheduler doesn’t remember anything, he would treat her differently in some way since he’s the woman he had loved. I tried not to make it too obvious, just in very subtle ways, such as talking to her as if she was the person he loved. I think having good chemistry with Lee Yo-won helped a lot.

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Happy Halloween!

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2011 5 31 10asia Int JIWD 12

These photos are of yesterday’s Halloween in Boston’s Beacon Hill.  It is one of the best places to see this holiday take place!  The decor and the costumes are fantastic!


These are of the decor previous to the holiday…


This was a very Halloweenish snack I consumed a few days back!   (I love cold milk with warm chocolate chip cookies!)


And these of the beautiful New England Foliage … for your delight!