Jung II-woo as an angel!

This is something I always wanted to do.  To make some images of Jung II-woo as an angel.  Why? I guess because in 49 Days Jung II-woo plays a kind of angel… and another reason is because I really like angels.  I am not religious but I like the concept of these entities filled with goodness that protect us and whose energy even though we can’t see or feel… comfort us.  Sometimes, that entity is embodied in someone we know, or even a stranger.

Jung II-woo is an angel for me.  He gives me a lot of comfort when I feel sad, he makes the gloom melt… it is really magical!  One of his laughs or funny faces and my frown rapidly turns to a smile.  I made this video using the beautiful song by Sarah Mclachlan:

And these are the photos I edited into angels:

Jung II-woo Angel 5 AutumnJung II-woo Angel 3JIW Sitting Angel FinalJung II-woo as angel 1 FPrintJIW Cool Angel 2Print

Thank you forever dearest angel!

And while we are on the theme of angels, these are some of my favorite angels…

Bernini’s angels on “Ponte Angelo,” the bridge of angels…it unites Rome and the Vatican and when you walk on it you feel a little closer to heaven.  It is one of my favorite places in this world.  Bernini could do angels like no one!  They are filled with such grace and kindness…


These are photos I took of these angels some years ago:




The originals of these angels are in different churches all over Rome.  These are replicas…

These cherubs are in Saint Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican:



So cute!  … and while we are on the theme of cherubs, my favorite are the cherubs by Raphael below:


And this is my favorite angel in Boston:


To Jung II-woo and all his fans:  May the angels watch over you and protect you!