Jung II-woo cast for SBS’s “49 Days”


January 5, 2011

One of the first news about Jung II-woo in 2011 was his participation in the new drama “49 days.” The role was that of Song Yi-soo  “The Scheduler,” an angel of death or grim reaper in charge of taking the souls of the departed to their destinations.  Others chosen for the cast were:  Nam Gyu-Ri as Ji-Hyun, Lee Yo-Won as Song Yi-Kyung and Jo Hyun-jae as Han Kang.

In a press release of that time, Jung said he was enthusiastic about his new role.  He said  “I feel that my character is adequately light and impulsive.  He is also honest and is very curious and interested in the world around him.  I am happy to be returning back to the small screen and I feel really good about this production even after just reading the synopsis.”  He also said  “Perhaps it seems to be a drama that allows us to think about the importance of our life once again. I am keen to prepare for just a good work and become a perfect ‘Song Yee-soo.”    Cr. My Daily and asiae.co.kr

“49 Days” was written by So Hyun Kyung, the mind behind the hit dramas “Brilliant Legacy” and “Princess Prosecutor.”


I’ve decided that from now on, I will post some of the current information on Jung II-woo under my “Storytelling” post.  It will be listed under a big headline that will say JIW NOW!  Like this:


Today a great magazine article came out!!!  You can see it here  (I even translated the text to English!)  So Enjoy!