Jung II-woo in Beautiful Sunday

February 4 – March 28

Beautiful Sunday is a play written by Japanese playwright Mayumi Nakatani.  It tells the story of three characters, Joon Suk (Jung II-woo), Jung Jin and Eun Woo who find themselves in an interesting situation on a Sunday.  Jung II-woo plays an HIV-positive gay man, who is the partner of an older man, Jung Jin.  The female character Eun Woo wakes up on a Sunday on the apartment of these two men as she had drunk too much. Jung Jin is about to receive the unexpected visit of his mom, who doesn’t know about his relationship with Joon Suk.  And then to make things more complicated it is their third anniversary as a couple.  The play is moving as it shows the conflicts of all the characters and their emotions, but it is up-lifting.

Beautiful Sunday was sold out every single day!

To read an account of a fan who was lucky to go go here.  It is worth it!

I found a few videos of the play, the most interesting one is one with Lee Sun-jae.  Jung II-woo has great respect for this actor, and he has seek acting advice from him.  This is one of the times I wish I spoke more Korean.  But someday I will translate this video.  I really want to know what Lee Sun-jae is saying about Jung II-woo.

Here are some stills from the play:




And of course look who went to see him in his play:


(They are: Kim Byeong-wook, the main director of High Kick and Seo Min-jung the actress who played his teacher and love interest in High Kick!)

And this is a magazine article from Junior Magazine March 2010.  Cr. Junior Magazine via Ilwoo’s Room.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 11.10.42 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 11.10.58 AM.png

Jung Yi, the first dramatic challenge of life

After sneaking up to Stardom with Sitcom’s “exceptionally high kick!”, Jung Yi steadily expanded the range of his performance, launched the first dramatic challenge for his lifetime. He turned into a disguise by gay role, “I’m working hard to show mature, natural body acting, please give me lots of expectations.” Tell the story of Jung Il who came back at the theater “Beautiful Sunday”.

“Communication with the audience, I can not wait”

Jung Yi is an actor full of acting despair, not only young stars. He said that he wanted more acting desires, he remembers “I admire Lee Seung-je always reminds me that I have told me to do a lot of work and nurture my skill until I find my color. I’d really like to show you the evolved figure every time I appear in the work, according to that word. ” He is trying to broaden the range of performance again in theater “Beautiful Sunday” this time. Jeon il is playing theater for the first time in life “Beautiful Sunday” has been performed more than 450 times in the past 4 years since the premiere in the spring of 2006, and the newly coined word ‘view san disappears’ is made, the more loved works by the audience . In a present work dealing with a gay couples and a woman and dealing with a certain day’s episode, Jung Yi has a pain and scratches on the inside, while a gay who is bright and lovely on the surface, a role of Lee Jun Suk I accepted. Jeong il is absorbed in the practice of acting as an essential day for adaptation to theater theater and perfect character digestion. I am overcoming the tension of the first dramatic challenge with practice next to practice. Jung Il, who released the 2010 Angkor performance for the first time, said, “I’m nervous with the theater that I am challenging for the first time, but I am happy that I can communicate with the audience and the theater,” he says, “I strive to show good acting As I am expecting a lot of expectations, “he revealed the impression of theater debut. In addition, Jeong il, who was disguised as a gay role infected with AIDS in his first drama challenge, said, “Gay’s role is difficult to adapt, there are still many nuisance parts in expression. With the help of our experienced seniors, we are working hard to correct the wrong part and to show the performance of mature nature, “he said.

“Chung · Il effect? ​​Sold out every day”

Chong · il showed off ticket power. The first week performance of “Beautiful Sunday” has been sold out in all seats and proves its popularity. Jerra’s side of the production production company said, “Although Jung Il’s initial stage challenge was insecure, but all the performances have been sold out, the officials are also surprised.” “We showed a good departure with the occupancy rate of the audience exceeding 100% and showing a good progress with the first performance showing that the audience seats a lot and the audience seated the performances at the front passenger’s seat” The atmosphere of the. This is what happened with thanks to Jeong il, which domestically as well as overseas enjoying high popularity. Sitcom “High kick! 」And the drama” Irujima that came back “and” Asking for a lady “were broadcasted in Japan and Jung Yu’s Japanese fans who joined the Korean style star formation visited the theater to make rows, and the squall of the ticket acquisition It also caused some. The theater “Beautiful Sunday”, which is calling up a topic in the debut of Jeon · Il’s theater, will be performed at the Hanyang Repertory Theater on the Dae Roo until March 28th.


I would love to see Jung II-woo in a play someday!