Jung II-woo in the Movie “My Love” “내 사랑”

December 18, 2007

This movie is about seven women and men and their adventures of love.  Jung II-woo plays a college student, Ji-woo, who’s heart is still healing from a previous relationship.  A younger student, So-hyeon, (played by Lee Yeon-hee) who has had a crush on him for sometime, asks him for drinking lessons to handle alcohol better.  Joo-won, a dreamer daydreams has a loving relationship with her subway driver boyfriend Se-jin. Soo-jeung, a career woman falls in love with a widowed man, Jeong-seok, but he does not seem to be interested.  And a “free hug activist” Jin-man returns to Seoul with the goal of meeting his old girlfriend.   This movie is available in YouTube with English subtitles!  Update 06-2019… sadly it’s not anymore!   Photo Cr. My Love Production Company.

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2007 JIW My Love Xtra

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2007 JIW My Love 2My Love Scene 1My Love Scene 2My Love Scene 3My Love Scene 4My Love Scene 5My Love Scene 6My Love Scene 7My Love Scene 8My Love Scene 9My Love Scene 102007 JIW My Love 1

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2007 JIW My Love Xtra 82007 JIW My Love Xtra 7

Promotional Billboards and “My Love” schedule from that time!

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WITAT (What I Think About This)

I thought this movie had definitely the feel of “Love Actually.”  Happy, sweet, and entertaining. It’s the kind of movie I like to see during the Holiday Season. I thought Jung II-woo’s acted well managing to pull off the College Student look in spite of his baby face. He also conveyed the feeling of getting over someone else spot on.  I found the part when he gets drunk under the bridge especially moving, and then the declaration of his love to her.  He said that this scene took 11 hours to film?  Well it was worth it, it never felt sappy…and it’s not easy to pull that off while using the word rainbow!  There is only one little part I would have redone…the part when he catches So-hyeon in his arms after she gest drunk the first time.  You could see his arms prepare for the catch!

Amazingly enough yesterday I had my first shot of soju ever!  I identify fully with So-hyeon.  I have very little tolerance for alcohol. And honestly I don’t care much for it… unless…it is part of fruity cocktails or desserts!  I could never do a whole bottle of soju!  It’s a tricky drink, because it is so light, you don’t think you are getting much alcohol, but you are! So I enjoyed three shots of soju while eating dinner and watching a movie with my friends!  건배!

2 thoughts on “Jung II-woo in the Movie “My Love” “내 사랑”

  1. Jung Il-woo Delights August 9, 2020 / 3:39 pm

    Hi Jane… just seeing this now so apologize for the delay. Sadly, the whole Movie was on YouTube but it is now gone. There was a translated version in Turkish in Vimeo but it is gone too. I managed to record the bits with Jung Il woo in it, I will post them to the movie page when I have time. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ll mention it there so you can check. Sadly, many of his old videos get erased by the day… I have been trying to record them, but it is a lot of work. Anyways, I’ll do my best…to safeguard as much as I am able. Be well…

  2. Jane Eskay Waldmann May 15, 2020 / 3:50 pm

    Do you know where we can watch this? I’m from United States

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