Jung II-woo celebrated his 21st Birthday with fans!

September 9, 2oo7

This celebration was held at the “Tae Yang Hall” of Sejong University in Seoul.  It was a combination of his birthday and the founding of his first fan club “Ilwoostory” (Korea). It was attended by 1200 fans from Korea, China and Japan.

It started with a little magic:

Here is the cake part…and one of my absolute favorite scenes with Jung II-woo ever…the kid part…so endearing!

2007 9 JIW Birthday 62007 9 JIW Birthday 72007 9 JIW Birthday 82007 9 JIW Birthday 92007 9 JIW Birthday 102007 9 JIW Birthday 11

And here is Jung II-woo opening a gift given to him by the fans, and receiving a bear… (I remember reading somewhere it was given to him by his Japanese fans.)

Here is a really fun part…Jung II-woo sang “After Loving” to his fans with Dynamic Duo…I couldn’t find the song.  But I’ll keep looking…

2007 9 JIW Birthday 202007 9 JIW Birthday 212007 9 JIW Birthday 22

He also read a heartfelt note to his fans…this is part of it:

“I still can not thank you enough for giving me such an unrequited love to me, if there was not love for all of my fans, there should have been neither Yoon-ho nor Jung II-woo.” “While there is pleasure while acting, it is sometimes difficult and lonely, but I am not afraid because you fans are by my isde. I am humble and honest before being an actor. I will make an effort to become a human being. I do not forget the crush at the time I played for the first time. I want to respond to the love of all my fans by becoming Jung II who will always makes effort and develop . I love you ”

Other invited guests were his coworkers from Unstoppable High Kick: Shin Bong-hee and Kim Hye-seong. Koo Jung-hyun the singer from “Goodbye Sadness” also sang his debut song “How much Difficult.”


2007 09 11 Birthday Xtra

Update June 20th, 2017

Found this…it’s the same little boy that cried on his birthday:




Oh…It’s so cold here in Boston today!  Horrible cold wind that penetrates the windows and goes straight to my bones…brrrrrrr!  I’m so done with winter…come on flowers, come on spring!   Jung II-woo, your smile as always is making me feel better…


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